Asinara National Park

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When staying at Forte Village seaside resort, people love to visit Asinara National Park. The holiday village is on the gulf of Asinara, and is a wealth of recreation and historical education for those who are interested.

About Asinara National Park

Asinara is the third largest island in Sardinia. Its national park is home to a large variety of habitats. Tourists find it an intriguing spot to visit because of its extremely odd historical, environmental and legal status. It is also known as Isola del Diavolo which interpreted stands for Devil’s Island. This is because it was used as a quarantine location during the World War I.

Before it was established as a national park in 1997, it was a prison camp, which was one of the highest ranking Italian high-security prisons playing an important role during the terrorist period in the 70’s and during the fight against organised crime.

The park functions as a natural reserve, having a beauty which remains natural and unspoilt. The Asinara national park derives its name from the white Asinara donkey which is native to the island on which the park is located, and a part of the several rarely seen species harboured on the island. Many other species of native and adopted animals abound on the island for tourists to see, including horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, and pigs.

The island’s sparse greenery is an interesting mix of native Sardinia plants, plants common to the Mediterranean soil and other plants introduced to Asinara from other regions such as North America, for example.

World War I Structures

Asinara consists of many old facilities, including the old prison facilities. The facilities include those built by the former quarantine camp inhabitants for themselves, and the facilities which belonged to the staff charged with the responsibility of servicing the camp and the prison. All these facilities are now under the control of the national park.

Tourists arrive at the island to visit the Asinara national park through different travel options like boat tours, tourist fishing boats, sailing boats and diving centres. As a result of the strict regulations guiding the national park, all entry and exit have to be by authorised channels only. The best routes to the island in the summer season are Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura. During other times of the year, Porto Torres and Stintino are good departure ports.

Different leisure activities are available for tourists seeking a bit of adventure in Asinara. The island offers thematic paths for trek lovers such as historical, natural, fauna and flora types. A spectacular biking experience is also possible. Simply rent a bike from the available docking areas and ride along on the uphill and downhill roads from Fornelli in the south of the island to Cala D’ Oliver in the north. For those who enjoy swimming, the beaches recommended for a delightful water experience are Cala Stagno, Cala Sabina, Cala dei Detenuti and Fornelli’s beautiful white sand beach. Take note, however, that swimming in Cala di Scombro is completely prohibited.

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