Bastion di Saint Remy

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Italy is rich with culture and stories dating as far back as the early Roman empire. If you love a bit of history, you’ll enjoy visiting the Bastion of Saint Remy.

This international tourist attraction has a beehive of activities, especially in summer when vacationers start trooping in. It is a major point of interest for guests at Forte Village.

The fortification castle of Bastion di Saint Remy is 45.6 km away from Forte Village, a popular luxury resort of beautiful bungalows and suites. If you are going via the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana, it will only take you about an hour to get to the location.

The history of Bastion di Saint Remy

The Bastion of Saint Remy is located in Piazza Costituzione, Cagliari. It is one of the strongest fortifications of Cagliari, in the Castello district. It gets its name from the first viceroy, Philip-Guglielmo Pallavicini, the Baron of St. Remy. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, it was significantly changed into a staircase, made easily accessible by the Arc de Triomphe. This gave visitors access to a protected walk and a massive scenic terrace.

The fortification was first built towards the end of the 19th century on ancient walls that dated as far back as the 14th century. The three ramparts, Santa Caterina, Sperone and Zecca are linked to the Castle district.

Tourists will be interested to learn that the whole building is built in classical style, with columns Corinthian, and was constructed in a lime white and yellow Pietra Forte. The covered walkways, which was built and inaugurated in 1902, has continually been used till today.

It was previously used as a banquet hall, and as an infirmary during the first world war. And in world war II, it was used as a shelter for those who had lost their homes to bombs.

In recent times, it is easy to see how renovation was carried out to restore and re-evaluate the cultural aspect of the building.

Hotels near Bastion di Saint Remy

There are so many destination attractions in Italy, so much so, they attract the proliferation of hotel accommodations for tourists. Fortunately, Forte Village already exists close to the Bastion di Saint Remy and offers a range of luxury hotel villas for vacationing guests.

The villa, which features several hundreds of exquisitely designed suites and bungalows are the ideal location for travellers. They provide a 5-star hotel experience in a charming little Italian town. Guests are spoiled for choice with the lovely customer service. The hotels include Villa Del Parco, Hotel Castello, Il Borgo, Bougaville, Le Dune, Le Palme, and La Pineta.

Each hotel offers a tourist tour of Southern Sardinian that includes significant places in the Province of Cagliari. Include the Bastion di Saint Remy and take yourself to ancient Rome where all the interesting activities happened.

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