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The Cagliari Airport, also known as the Cagliari Elmas Airport (Wikipedia), is an Italian airport that conducts international flights from most parts of the world. In the local Italian dialect, the airport is referred to as Aeroporto Mario Mameli.

Cagliari Airport began operations on May 3rd, 1937 and has been the main entry point for international travellers to the island of Sardinia. Since then, its traffic has risen to over 3 million passengers going through this international standard airport every year.

To meet up with this increasing traffic, the airport’s terminal was upgraded in 2003. The upgrade included adding multiple world class facilities to help ensure passengers have a comfortable stay and transition through the airport. Facilities within the airport include, an executive lounge, shops, restaurants and cafes, business centres, as well as banks and ATMs. Of course, parking services are very much available to meet the needs of travellers who require either short or long term parking. Free WiFi is also available within the airport’s clean and modern interior.

Although hotels are not available within the premises of the Cagliari Airport, finding one close to the airport isn’t a problem, especially since there are easily accessible ones within the locality.

The airport is in proximity to the city’s centre which means that you won’t have to go far or spend much before you arrive within the heart of the city. An easy and visually delightful 10 to 15 minute drive from the airport, and you are in the centre of Cagliari. And don’t worry about transportation, because options are abound to passengers with various taxi services, the train station, and renting a bus or your own personal vehicle.

When the time comes to leave the Island of Sardinia, you don’t have to worry about getting home because there are flights from the airport to over 30 cities across the world. Airlines operating out of Cagliari Airport include British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Tunisair, Volotea, Ryanair, Small Planet Airlines, SkyWork Airlines, EasyJet, Luxair, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Danish Air Transport, Edelweiss Air, Etihad, Eurowings, Belavia, BMI Regional, Gazpromavia, KLM, Air Berlin and a host of others.

The following positive reviews of Cagliari Airport’s services were submitted on SKYTRAX by satisfied customers:

Lorenzo Pasquini stated;

New, nice and clean. This is the way I found this airport. Services are quite good even though restaurants bars and services in general could be improved. But this is a recent airport and the overall experience has been positive- maybe in the future it will earn some more “stars“.”

Luca Carboni also had nice things to say;

This is my home airport. Completely renewed a few years ago. It’s now a very good and modern airport. Near the city center (just 5 minutes by car). It’s a small airport but it’s probably the better choice to come to Sardinia. Depending on the winds you can have a fantastic view over the famous sardinian beaches from your airplane window. In the summer, sometimes you may find crowds at security checks. There are just a few overpriced shops but this is common in Italian airports. Car rentals, taxis and bus are easy available.”

Federico Muscogiuri was also very impressed;

Clean and efficient/ I was very impressed with Elmas airport. Staff are friendly and the airport is very well connected to the city centre by bus. The fare is only 0.67 €. Only one negative point. Once you’re past the international departures hall, there are no shops. Only one small cafe’ near gate 23. Otherwise this is one of the best regional airports I have visited so far.”

Where is Cagliari Elmas Airport?

The Italian airport’s name comes from its location which is in the territory of Elmas, very close to Cagliari, all of which is located on the Italian island of Sardinia or Sardines Island.

Cagliari is Italy’s 26th largest city and the largest city to be found on the Island of Sardinia. It is also the capital of Sardinia and is regarded as one of the “greenest” Italian cities. Sardines Island is a common holiday spot for several European holiday people and this keeps the Cagliari Airport busy almost all year round.

The island of Sardinia has a past steeped in rich history and is home to more than a few sites of historical significance and artefacts.

It is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with the main attraction in Cagliari being the Poetto, which is about 8 kilometres long. Other smaller beaches include Calamosca beach, and the Cala Fighera beach.

Who flies to Cagliari from the UK?

Most Europeans, especially from the UK, fly into Cagliari seeking fun, adventure, relaxation and a bit of cultural learning through tourism.

The climate in Cagliari is also a major attraction. The climate is typical of a Mediterranean island with dry summers that aren’t too hot, and mild winters. In extreme circumstances of summer, the temperature can rise to a bit over 40 °C accompanied by high humidity. In rare extreme winter scenarios, the temperature might drop a bit below zero. Heavy snowfalls are rare and occur about every thirty years.

Another thing most UK tourists come to Cagliari for are the hotels and the resorts. Especially the ones within the all-inclusive resort and holiday village, Forte Village.

Forte Village’s hotel and leisure companies include; Hotel Castello, Il Borgo, Bouganville, Le Dune, Royal Pineta, the Villa del Parco, Le Palme, Luxury Holidays, Forte Village Sardinia, Group Holidays, and Sheraton Algarve Pine Cliffs.

Among the many hotels and resorts, fun activities such as state of the art spas, picturesque beaches, vivacious nightclubs, and magical ski resorts for outdoor recreation are plentiful.

Because of Cagliari’s rich history, UK travellers visit for a taste of the city’s rich Italian history and to explore its vast tourist attractions, such as Cittadella dei Musei (Museum Citadel), Roman Amphitheater, Mercato di San Benedetto (San Benedetto Market), Santuario e Basilica di Bonaria and Cathedral of Santa Maria to name a few.

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