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Cagliari is the 26th largest city in the beautiful country of Italy. It is located on the island of Sardinia and has almost 150,000 inhabitants. It is well known for the Castello, an antique walled quarter, overlooking the rest of the town.

What is Cagliari Like?

Today, Cagliari is notably a cultural, educational, political and artistic centre in the region, and it is very well known for its varied architecture and monuments. Two of the most famous architectural highlights are the 13th century Cagliari Cathedral, and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari which displays ancient bronze objects, roman ceramics and old artefacts.

Best places to stay in Cagliari

Hotel and leisure companies abound by their numbers in Cagliari. You only need to decide on which hotels you want to spend your vacation in, and what your preferred living arrangements are. Your choices are unlimited. Whether you would like an indoor spa, be within walking distance from the beautiful beach, take relaxing laps in the pool at night, or hop over to the nightclub for a bubbly fun night, Cagliari’s hotels are perfect for you.

If you’re holidaying in Cagliari, and you’re looking for a place to stay which features all of the perks of an ideal vacation, look no further than Forte Village Resort. Founded in 1970, Forte Village Resort is an excellent hotel and resort complex located in Sardinia, Italy. The seaside resort complex is composed of seven different hotels, having 771 rooms in total.

Cagliari also features 180 bed and breakfasts located in quiet, panoramic settings in the city. Guests are able to stroll along the busy shopping streets, enjoy amazing artwork, taste local dishes, and catch up on local culture through cultural events and exhibitions on display. They are ideal for families who want to experience that home away from home feeling, for company conferences and business travel. Couples who want to renew their youthful love can come to the intimate romantic setting which is sure to ignite any missing spark.

The available features of the bed and breakfast accommodation include spacious air-conditioned rooms with the option to pick from private, en-suite or shared; with free Wi-Fi, car park and kitchenette.

Delicious meals in Cagliari

Visitors in Cagliari can try out a rich variety of meals at the buffet or specialty restaurants available at Cagliari. There is always something scrumptious on offer in one of the restaurants.

Enjoy an intimate and comfortable bed and breakfast option. It is a great way to explore Cagliari while enjoying scrumptious breakfasts served by helpful waiters as early or as late as you want it in the morning.

Whatever your palate, it can be accommodated- from handmade ice cream to crepes, cocktails, wine and so on. Traditional Mediterranean food served to your taste is always available. The forte village provides a dynamic breakfast and coffee bar, an elegant bar, which is preferred by business men for their lunch meetings; and in the evenings, a relaxed atmosphere is made possible through the combination of soft music and candle lights where delicious dinner is served.

Making use of only the most exclusive products, only the best recipes are served to customers. The professional chefs at Forte Village are sourced from locals, well versed in the art of creating Sardinian local delicacies. For intercontinental meals, the very best of Sardinian products are put together with other imported products, to create unusual combinations guaranteed to satisfy your every taste.

Interesting places to visit in Cagliari

There’s so much that Cagliari has to offer to visitors:

  • Citadel of Museums and Castel District

We highly recommend you to take a stroll in the district where the Citadel of Museums stand. The Citadells dei Musei contains the National Archeological Museum, the Wax Musuem and the Art Gallery, where you can visit to have a feel of the beautiful history of Cagliari. The impressive Castello is also one of the historic districts of the city.

  • Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli

Nuraghe Arrubiu in Sardinian language means, “red nuraghe”, derived from the basalt stones from which it is built. It is an impressive structure which was built during the fifteenth century BC. Its height is measured at between 25 and 30 metres. Its main structure, made up of five towers is protected on the outside by two secondary walls, making 21 towers in total.

  • Is Zuddas Caves

These very ancient caves are still active, running for about 500 meters. They offer sensational views between the tunnels and of the various rooms within them.

  • Ruins of Nora

Nora, which is the oldest town in Sardinia, is mostly remembered for the finding of the Stele of Nora, the oldest written document in Sardinia. The ruins of Nora are an open air museum, and they are the remains of a theatre which are occasionally used in the summer for concerts.

  • Molentargius Natural Park

The Molentargius natural park features beautiful wildlife, most prominent of which is the flamingo bird, concentrated in the ponds around Cagliari, and attracted to the area by the mild Sardinian winter. The park derives its name partly from the beautiful colour of the pink flamingo bird, whose colour is due to their food. They are known to eat a particular crustacean with a rich deep purple hue.

Other interesting spots in Cagliari are provided by hospitality companies in Cagliari, to make your visit a make memorable one. Visit the destination club for a wild and fun time, or relax by the pool at a resort.

Not to be missed during your stay is the city’s historic quarters, shopping streets or the beautiful sunset at Cala Mosca.

What is Cagliari famous for?

The city of Cagliari is most famous for its tourism and booming hospitality industry. Beside its hotels, recreational beaches and beautiful coastline, it boasts of historical venues like the monumental defence system for the middle Ages and Early modern period, roman and byzantine ruins.

Cagliari is also known for providing an atmosphere of simple leisure, widely varied tourism opportunities, different hotel types and beautiful beaches- which is why it is the city that’s widely chosen by hotel affiliation groups to invest in.

Why visit Cagliari?

Leisure, culture, architecture and beautiful beaches are some of the attractions Cagliari has to offer.

Travel to Cagliari for a memorable Italian holiday minus the noise and stress of the mainland. Cagliari boasts of some of the Mediterranean’s lushest beaches- you would hardly be able to tear yourself from them. The beaches are within whistling distance of inviting restaurants and charming bars, from which a wide variety of cocktails are available.

While some go to Cagliari for the beaches, others go for the amazingly rich echoes of the past that Cagliari’s deep history has to offer. History buffs will find a home among the evocative remnants of the ancient culture which tell a moving story.

What to do in Cagliari?

Hospitality companies in Cagliari provide the ideal vacation spots for people looking for a holiday village where they can spend their time in bliss.

Whatever you want (or need), Forte Village, is a holiday camp with a high hotel rating, and is fully committed to providing you with a truly all-inclusive experience. Whether it’s a bubble bath, crib, cot or toys for the kids, or even extra hot sauce at the buffet, you only need to ask.

The all-inclusive resort experience allows you full freedom. Choose a villa or an apartment hotel, according to your needs. Go ahead and indulge yourself in one of the many relaxing destination spa experiences available, eat breakfast in bed, call down to the kitchen for chips and salsa to feast on while watching late-night TV, go swimming late at night in the clear pools, whatever you want, you can have it. A decadent vacation of your dreams is right here with us.

An excellent selection of leisure activities provide easy recreation, whether you seek indoor or outdoor recreation for your holiday. It is guaranteed that you can find a sport or activity that is well suited to your favourite hobbies, and interesting enough to keep you entertained for hours. And before the end of your trip, remember to buy a Cagliari ski resort gift card which you can spend anywhere you like.

What to visit in Cagliari?

What’s a holiday without beaches? Cagliari’s beautiful beaches are among the most luxurious in the world. The beaches give a clear view of the lovely crystalline sea and fine white sand, with colour shades that range from emerald green to blue, in a natural and yet unspoiled scenery. Cagliari’s fine selection of world-class beaches include:

  • Su Giudeu beach
  • Punta Molentis
  • Porto Giunco beach
  • Tuerredda beach

What to see in Cagliari?

Places of interest in Cagliari’s history include

  • The ancient city of Karalis
  • The roman amphitheatre
  • The Palaeo-Christian Basilica of San Saturnino

Substantial relics of the ancient city of Karalis can still be viewed at present, such as the Tuvixeddu necropolis, the roman amphitheatre, and an aqueduct which provided water in scarce times.

The Palaeo-Christian Basilica of San Saturnino was built in the 5th century in honour of Satuminus of Cagliari, a patron saint of the city, who was martyred. A nave and two isles were later added to what remained of the original piece.

When to go to Cagliari?

The long and hot summer is one of the best times to visit Cagliari, with a relieving marine sirocco breeze lowering the temperature, making it a pleasant period to enjoy the sea and the lively atmosphere of Cagliari. The many colours and mild temperature of the springtime is best for walks and excursions and in the autumn, you can enjoy a host of folk festivals in the small towns and villages for a rich local experience.

To see Cagliari at its best, we suggest May/June when the weather is dreamy and the skies are clear. These months are also great for travel because after spring break, you get a more relaxing retreat; no crowded pools or fully booked restaurants– where you don’t have to get up early to reserve a pool chair.

What to do in Cagliari Sardinia?

Enjoy the active tourism and hospitality industry in Cagliari Sardinia with leisure and well established all-inclusive resorts. All kinds of visitors are welcome. Whether travelling as a couple for romance or relaxation, or as a family, with kids.

Forte Village is one of the most preferred vacation spots in the city, offering charming tourist attractions, conference and resort hotels.

What Region is Cagliari In?

Cagliari is located in Sardinia, the second largest island on the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is Cagliari Port?

The Port of Cagliari is located 18km from the Gibraltar-Suez line, in the west of the Mediterranean Sea. This has made it a strategic point for commercial activities for more than 2500 years. Cagliari Port has been in a continuous expansion program after being founded by the Phoenicians.

As a result of the availability of large spaces and a potential for enormous operations, the port of Cagliari can accommodate heavy commercial traffic.

What’s in Port Cagliari?

Some of the activities carried out in the Port of Cagliari include passenger services, fishing, and cruise and yachting activities. Commercial activities such as moving standard goods, bulk goods and trans-shipping of containerized goods are also included.

Cagliari’s Port Authority territorial district, extends for about 30km of coastline. It is divided into historic and canal ports which are flanked by petrochemical and oil industry berths; accommodating mooring for 17 ships at a time.

Commercial traffic and passenger ships are served by the historic port, which has 5,800 meters of quay. The canal port on the other hand has five berths for trans-shipping and has less meters of quay at 1,600 meters.

How far is Cagliari from Port?

You don’t have to be a geography expert to find your way from the port to Cagliari. Depending on your level of fitness, Cagliari is a short 10 to 20 minute walk away from the port. Walking allows the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful views the city has to offer from a different perspective. If you are in a rush however, you can get to the city from the port by bus or taxi in a short time.

Where is Cagliari on the Italy Map?

On the map, Cagliari is surrounded by France, Spain, Algeria, Italy and Tunisia.

Where is Cagliari located?

The city of Cagliari is found in Sardinia, Italy. It is elevated 41 meters above the sea level. Cagliari is located 39.23 latitude and 9.12 longitude.

Call now to book a relaxing and memorable holiday at Forte Village Resort in Cagliari, Italy.

Notable Places In Cagliari

Cagliari is renowned as the location of many iconic places and is the hub of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The award-winning Forte Village plays host to several luxury villas, as well as bungalows and suites. It is 45 km from the Cagliari airport, and it takes 1 hour to reach it by bus.

People who come to Cagliari are mainly tourists looking to spend some quiet time with loved ones and family. Others love the destination spa that the seaside resort provides, either for treatment or leisure. Forte Village is also home to talented chefs such as the internationally famous Gordon Ramsay who works exclusively with Eleganzia Hotels and Spas. Cagliari makes significant income from its robust recreation economy.

Another interesting place within the Cagliari province is the regional natural park of Molentargius-Saline. This presents a unique ecosystem in a greatly anthropized area. It is one of Europe’s most significant places for the sheer number of avian species that have nested in its habitat. Out of the total 330 bird species in Sardinia, about 177 species live in the Molentargius basin- that is more than 25% of all of Europe’s bird species. In some periods during the year, they can surpass 20,000 specimens. Among the most popular birds are herons, flamingos and small egrets.

The regional natural park of Molentargius-Saline shares a border with one of the largest beaches in Italy, the Poetto. The beach stretches for close to 5 miles. Near the Capital, is Sette Fratelli, a massive natural park on the island and a home to Sardinian’s own native deer.

Additionally, the famous Stella del Diavolo’s Promonotory is located in the Province of Cagliari. The interesting story behind its name comes from the legend that Lucifer himself carved out the shape of his saddle into the rock after his expulsion from heaven. People still flock to the site today to catch a glimpse of the carving in the rock.

On the eastern side of the Province, is the sub-region of Sarabus-Gerrei, which has recently come under heavy drainage activity since the start of the 20th Century. Although it is considered a wild zone, it has an abundance of villages scattered across its lands.

Travelling To Cagliari

If you wish to see some of these iconic sites, you can take a 2-hr flight directly from London. British Airways and EasyJet provide connecting flights to Cagliari airport. From there, a bus will take you to Forte Village.

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