Cittadella dei Musei

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Sardinia is saturated with some of the most crucial historical monuments and archaeological finds in all of Europe, and Cagliari is particularly rich with must-see sights for history enthusiasts and adventurous tourists. Cittadella dei Musei is one of such attractions frequented by visitors coming to Forte Village Resort.

Forte Village for History Lovers

The Citadel of Museums is a one of a kind collection of museums, exhibiting some of the most important treasures and art collections of the city. It includes the National Archaeological Museum, the National Art Gallery, the Collection of Anatomical Waxes, and the Art Museum Siamese.

Located in the district of Castello between the Porta Cristina and Independence Square, the Cittadel has gone through extensive restructuring and reorganisation to become what it is today.

The only signs of human activity on the grounds of the Cittadel from the Phoenician-Carthaginian and Roman age are two cisterns discovered on the premises. The premises had been used by both the Carthaginians and the Romans in the fourteenth century as a military fortress.

The Cittadel we see today, was constructed during the reign of the Spanish in the sixteenth century when it was a crucial defence system called la Tenaglia. Parts of these early structures now form portions of the walls of the Art Gallery and the Archaeological Museum.

In the eighteenth century, the Piedmontese used the Cittadel as an arsenal which they called the Royal Armory. It included a foundry where military weapons were produced. In 1832, when the arsenal was moved to the adjacent moat, the area was used as a store for supplies and stables. It became a military district in 1870 until 1943 when it was subjected to heavy bombing during the Second World War. From then on, the condition of the Cittadel continued to decline rapidly until a massive restoration project overseen by architects Libero Cecchini and Pietro Gazzola began in 1965.

In the middle of the twentieth century, it was decided that the seat of the Archaeological Museum and Art Gallery be expanded to a multi-purpose centre for the study of Sardinian art and history. Pietro Gazzola and Libero Cecchini took their work very seriously and were intent on preserving the integrity of the original structure, matching it with the needs of a modern multifunctional centre in order to create a new Cittadel retaining some of the authenticity of the earlier models.

You begin to appreciate the uniqueness and richness of the Cittadel right from the entrance. As you enter, you find the neoclassical Gate of the Arsenale. There’s also the bronze doors sculpted by M. Salazzari and R. Cassini in 1979. The premises hold such attractions as the former prison of San Pancrazio, the pentagonal room that houses the Wax Museum Anatomical “Clemente Susini”, the sculpture of Santa Barbara, and others.

How to Get There

The Cittadel is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs, and is only about 50 minutes from Forte Village Resort via the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana route.

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