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If you are a movie or theatre buff, you should consider travelling to Italy to experience the stunning Forte Arena. The venue, which is Forte Village’s own open air arena, boasts of a wide space, with aesthetically positioned seats and a massive centre stage in the middle.

Here, guests are treated to a series of entertaining events from orchestras to plays. People come from far and wide to experience this spectacular viewing in the South of Sardinia. Especially, guests at Forte Village, the luxury seaside resort that features hundreds of deluxe bungalows and suites overlooking the Mediterranean ocean.

If you are staying at Forte Village, Forte Arena is a point of interest for many vacationing guests. What’s more, it is only 1.7 km from the hotels on the resort. This is approximately a 6-minute drive via the Viale delle Neredi and Strada Statale 195 Suicitana, if you’ll be using a car hire service. Alternatively, the hotels can introduce you to registered cab services that will take you there.

About the Forte Arena

The unique feature about the Forte Arena is the design and architecture of the whole venue. This extraordinary theatre under the stars will have you watching concerts, plays, and opera in a manner reminiscent of amphitheatres of old Roman empires.

The structure is oval in shape, has 5000 seats and a wonderful stage of 800 sqm. The amphitheatre is immersed in the spectacular nature of Santa Magherita di Pula (Cagliari). Widely renowned for having some of Sardinia’s finest beaches, Santa Magherita di Pula is one place vacationers will always enjoy. It is the perfect venue for large shows, concerts for Italian and foreign acts, as well as product presentations, conferences, gala dinners and team building events.

It’s not surprising that accomplished international artists like Anastacia and Andrea Bocelli have chosen to perform at the Forte Arena. The venue which is protected by the mountains of Capoterra is perfect for a concert with your spouse or partner. The natural look is ideal for people who want a sense of nature immersed into their musical experience.

Hotels close to Forte Arena

The Forte Arena was specifically built for the Forte Village and is therefore, close to some of the most beautiful hotel accommodation in the area. If you are traveling for a concert, it will interest you to know the luxuriant hotels close to Forte Arena. The hotels include Bougaville, Hotel Castino, Il Borgo, Le Dune, Le Palme, La Pineta and Villa Del Parco.

Each hotel offers guests the beauty of a 5-star service in the heart of a quaint Italian town. Because of its beachside location, some hotels at the Forte Village have views that open to the beautiful copper-blue ocean. Conversely, some windows face well-trimmed lush gardens.

How to get to Forte Arena from Forte Village

If you are looking to experience some musical or theatrical adventure, the Forte Village offers a direct route, south-west towards Viale delle Nereidi. If you would rather walk, it is about 21 minutes. Feel free to ask the hotel reception.

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