Gennargentu National Park

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Of the different sites that you may want to visit in Sardinia, Italy, Gennargentu National Park is one that you should consider, especially when staying at Forte Village.  Located on the East Coast of Sardinia, this 146,000-acre landscape is a site to behold. It spreads across an area that encompasses two provinces, Nuoro and Ogliastra Provinces. This means that it is about 2 hours drive from the Province of Caliagri where Forte Village is located, being approximately 150 km apart.

A visit to the park is a lesson in tourism geography, as some of the highest peaks are situated there. A lot of people who visit Forte Village love to visit Gennargentu National Park to appreciate its beautiful landscape and explore its rich scenery and wildlife. Punta La Marmora, which is known as Sardinia’s highest mountain, stands at 1,834 m (about 6,000 ft) is within the area of the Park. There are other mountains which form part of the park including Monte Sparda which stands at 1,595 m and Brancu Spina (1,676 m).

Despite being a tourist attraction site, the Gennargentu National Park has managed to retain an unspoiled natural and serene appeal, such that there are many areas within the park that can be explored quietly. Given the vast area, it is best to explore with a guide.

For adventurers who want to experience tourism geography, the fact that these rocks are some of the oldest in Europe, makes them historical. The views are also spectacular. Mount Tiscali for example, is a point of interest that leaves you in awe because of its beautiful natural caves.

Enjoy the Sights of Sardinia

The Park is every experienced hiker’s dream, and it is an excellent location for the nature lover to appreciate nature’s beauty in all its glory. It is not uncommon for you to see wildcats (you should look out for the Sardinian wildcat known as Felis lybica sarda), and eagles while hiking. The Gennargentu National Park is also home to some marine mammals such as the monk seal, some species of whales and dolphins.

The Gennargentu National Park is a point of interest that any tourist or holiday maker staying at Forte Village should definitely consider visiting, for a true experience of the beauty of Sardinia.

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