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Are you a foodie with a taste for international travel cuisine? Some trips are worth making, and an opportunity to relish Mediterranean food is one.

Italy has a reputation for its thriving hospitality industry. Among some of the things you’ll hear are its talented chefs. One of the tourists’ destinations for delicious foods is an exclusive resort known as Forte Village.

This seaside resort located in Pula, Sardinia, is an assortment of luxury villas and elite diners. So much so, it has become an attraction for chefs all over the world.

Gordon Ramsay and Forte Village

Risorante Gordon Ramsay at Forte Village gives foodies worldwide a special reason to travel to Sardinia. If you are big on international gastronomy, the name Gordon Ramsay is no news to you. This globally acclaimed British chef with an impressive rating of six Michelin stars to his name, works exclusively with Eleganzia Hotels & Spas.

In addition to the mouth-watering dishes cooked at the hotel restaurant, Gordon Ramsay occasionally hosts culinary events at Forte Village. He brings to the all-inclusive resort, an inspiring blend of tradition, creativity and innovation.

The professional chef combines the best of Mediterranean ingredients, the diverse colours and extraordinary taste, to produce unique portions of culinary art. He takes tourists and diners alike on an interesting journey with the awe-inspiring sea view at the backdrop of his presentation.

Forte Village Dining and Restaurants

If you want to expand the experience of your taste buds, there is a whole range of restaurants with other equally talented international chefs. It doesn’t matter if you have a taste for haute cuisine or special everyday fare, Forte Village chefs are equipped with skills guaranteed to whet your appetite.

Each day, they create close to 200 different international dishes. Get ready to have your soul fused to the heart of Sardinia because they will take you on a complete tour of the town’s culinary world. In addition to the restaurants, the hotels offer stylish bars, beautiful lounges, night-time thrills and a fancy club.

Forte Village a Destination for Vacationers

Forte Village isn’t only known for its delicious foods. Situated on the southwest coast of Sardinia, the stunning multiple award-winning resort of luxury villas, gives the guests the impression of entering into an ethereal world.

A world personified by unmatched relaxation and luxury. With tasteful rooms, bungalows, villas and suites, and activities for individuals of all ages and interests, Forte Village is a resort for anyone who wants everything.

There are children’s clubs, sporting academies and several destination spas along the resort. If you are travelling with family, your children won’t be forgetting the experience  in a hurry.

Great Rates

Design holiday has a fantastic relationship with Forte Village that allows us offer some of the best possible rates. Our exclusive offer comes with a half board accommodation for every hotel villa.

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