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If you are a lover of nature, don’t fail to stop by Is Cannoneris on your next trip to Southern Italy. If you are staying at Forte Village, you are in luck. Is Cannoneris is also in Sardinia, located about 28.4km from Forte Village, via Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana. This means that if you are driving from one of the resort villas, it’s only a little over an hour.

Many guests at Forte Village include it as part of their travel itinerary whenever they visit Sardinia. Italy, which is renowned worldwide for its rich outdoor recreation activities, has many natural reserves. This real green Sardinian forest is one of the top visited destinations in the country.

Features Of Is Cannoneris

With majestic forests over 900 meters in height, Is Cannoneris has the largest holm oaks in Europe. Swap a busy city schedule for a walk tour here and unlock the mysteries behind one of Italy’s best kept secret.

Starting Out On The Excusion

Guests at Forte Village may choose to start out by 9am or 3pm in the afternoon. Depending on the arrangement, interested tourists can get picked up at their respective accommodation in South Sardinia. Visiting the nature reserve of Is Cannoneris is like stepping into an ethereal world of natural beauty. It is one of the spectacular features Sardinia has to offer.

The Journey In Detail

The tour takes a total of 4 hrs to complete and includes stunning sights of wildlife such as deer feeding on the green bushes, mouflons, eagles and wild boars- which are the prized animal species of the nature reserve.

The walk tour also includes a visit to Nuraghi’s pre-historic ruins, giving you a chance to see its ancient stone walls, a remainder of the ‘drystone’ technique which was common at the time- 1500 b.c. The guide takes you through different farm types and natural reserves. It is definitely an excursion tour that is appreciated by people of all ages.

Soak In The Natural Beauty

Besides the healthy forest air, the mountain remains a virgin area with its forest fauna still intact. You’ll enjoy seeing animals such as small donkeys, goats and sheep. There are several cute Sardinian deer too.

At the end of the tour, you will be treated to a delicious Sardinian snack known as “Sa Picchettada” and you may choose to come with your own lunch. Afterwards, the troupe commence the trip back to town.

How To Get To Sardinia

If you would like to spend your next vacation in Sardinia, you can book a reservation at one of the luxury resorts in Forte Villa. Cagliari is the nearest international airport serving South Sardinia.

Flights travelling directly from London include EasyJet and British Airways. During particular seasons, such as in the summer, Flybe and Merridiana also have straight flights to the Cagliari airport.

From the airport, it is about an hour’s drive to Forte Village.

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