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Is Morus is one of the many hotels in Sardinia located just 45-minutes away from the Cagliari Airport. It is grand and expansive in its own right as it covers about 7 hectares of land. Like the popular Forte Village Resort around it, it is equally surrounded by pine woods and eucalypt which gives a tingling sweet scent to passers-by.

You can enjoy the almost perfect Sardinia climate while at Is Morus. The climate allows tourists to enjoy the sun from March till November.

The hotel houses its own private beach with a beautifully carved out shoreline that is separate from the other beaches around. That way, you are treated to the best of both worlds, as you quietly lounge on the beautiful white sands in a serene environment while you enjoy the breath-taking view that the sea presents.

There are more attractions for visitors to this gorgeous Sardinia hotel besides the beach. A call to the reception is all it takes to set up an exciting tour of Sardinia or participate in many of the various activities in and around the hotel. The hotel has a ranch where you can enjoy an evening or afternoon out on a horseback or pony trekking. You can also indulge in a number of adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities such as mountain biking through the slopes of Sardinia or kayak through the waters.

You can go scuba diving or choose a quiet lovers’ afternoon with your significant other, hand in hand, as the smell of the beautiful flowers in the lush gardens titillates your senses.

Whatever your choice of fun is, calming or exciting, the Is Morus meets you at the point of your comfort needs with beautiful rooms that give visitors a rare country feeling.

Places Located Near Is Morus

Tourists who visit the Is Morus also check out the Forte Village Resort which is located near Is Morus southwards. It takes about seven minutes’ drive from Is Morus to get to the Forte Village Resort, which is home to one of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world.

Should you be wondering why this resort is one of the best in the world, close your eyes and envision that amazing holiday experience you wished you had. The Forte Village Resort brings your dreams and more, to reality in an all-inclusive luxurious holiday experience.

The Forte Village Resort attracts a lot of visitors from all around the world who are drawn to the beautiful facilities and services offered.

Italy holds a lot of beauty and if you are looking to get a taste of native Italy with lots of beautiful sights and treasures to be discovered, Sardinia should be your point of call.

While the Forte Village Resort may be a good reason to visit Sardinia, there are other beautiful places that you should also check out.

Are you considering going on a holiday in Sardinia? You should book your luxury holiday at the Forte Village Resort through Designer Holidays for Forte Village as they have customised packages that will work for you.

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