Kaimo di Ledda Enrico

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If you are an oenophile who enjoys travelling across countries to sample wines at the world’s most exclusive bars, then Italy is no news to you.

The country’s reputation for exotic cuisine and fine wine is far-reaching across the globe. Even many travellers from down under Australia, brave over 14,000 km to drink at its fabled wine fountains. However, what you may not be privy to is an exclusive, yet fully-equipped wine bar perched on its southern heel, at Pula, Sardinia.

The Kaimo Di Ledda Enrico is a luxury bar with a stunning view that overlooks the restful Mediterranean Sea. For guests at the Forte Village Resort, it represents a major point of interest to indulge their vino love.

Only 4 km away from the hotels at the Village, Kaimo di Ledda presents an hour’s drive for tourists going through the Starda Statale 195 Sulcitana. We recommend that you add it to your travel itinerary if you’ll be staying at any of Forte Village’s luxury villas or suites.

About Kaimo di Ledda Enrico

Adding to Italy’s rich natural reserves are a massive expanse of fertile vineyards. Almost every region in Italy produces wine. Even the little Islands of Sicily and Sardinia supply some of the country’s sweet tasting wines. Being located in Sardinia allows Kaimo di Ledda to stock its bar with the best tasting and exclusive drinks from nearby vine yards.

Drink delicious tasting cocktails, and melanges mixed spur-of-the-moment by professional bartenders. The bar also boasts of an array of red, white and assorted table wines, served stand-alone or with food. Guests can choose from a variety of delicious foods prepared in Mediterranean style, with centuries of Sardinia’s best-kept culinary secrets infused into each dish.

Are you a seafood lover? Being a seaside town, Sardinia bars like Kaimo di Ledda offer foods fresh from the ocean. From spicy lobsters to calamari and prawns dipped in sweet sauce, there is something for everyone who relishes deep sea dishes.

From Forte Village to Kaimo di Ledda Enrico

An evening at the Forte Village is nothing short of magic. The whistling pines and dancing palm tree add to the idyllic ambiance of the luxury resort. Quite like stepping into another world- one that promises an unforgettable experience.

Like Forte Village, Kaimo di Ledda Enrico offers a waterfront arcade where revellers can relax and listen to the gentle crashing sea waves. This is perfect for both solo drinkers and a travelling party of any size. An excellent service and an unending choice of cocktails remain at your disposal.

If you are looking for your next destination bar, look no further than Kaimo di Ledda Enrico.

How to get to Kaimo di Ledda Enrico from Forte Village

Kaimo di Ledda is only an hour away. You start by heading south-west towards Viale delle Nereidi. Then you take a right turn and drive 500 m and turn right again into the SS 195 Sulcitana. Take a slight right to stay on the road and another right towards Comuione Is Morus. The rest of the drive is straightforward from there.

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