Maddalena Archipelago

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For those who love a vacation by the seaside, Italy is a haven of beaches and luxury islands. Some of the islands are custom made to satisfy every whim of the travelling hedonist. However, many others are natural and formed from geographic evolutions through time.

The Archipelago di la Maddalena (Wikipedia), for example, is a group of natural islands located in the Staits of Bonifacio between north-eastern Sardinia and Corsica, France. It is a collection of seven major islands and other numerous small islets.

The straits of Archipelago Maddalena are a major point of interest for vacationers lodged at Forte Village, an all-inclusive resort of luxury hotels and villas. Guests at the hotels of this Southern Sardinian resort, usually include a visit to the archipelago in their travel itinerary. It is approximately 359 km from Forte Village and can be accessed by car ferries or boats.

About Archipelago di la Maddalena

Archipelago di la Maddalena is the name of the main island of an archipelago off the tip of Sardinia on the north-east. Also known as La Maddalena, this national park features over 60 islands, islets and rocks. The islands used to be a strategic military and naval base for the Italian militia in the past. Today, they are a stunning collection of islands, providing a low-key destination for vacationing tourists and nature lovers alike.

The main island of the archipelago is La Maddelena, with its own named town and a host of activities for visitors to enjoy. Besides the golden sanded beaches and rocky mountain alcoves, tourists can also enjoy trips to the island of Garibaldi. The hero of Risorgimento, Giuseppe Garibaldi, was so impressed by the amazing lump of rock mountain that he decided to purchase a chunk and build a house there.

Further on the southern side of Caprera is a small settlement known as Stagnali. It is a new complex of minor museums. They are housed in former military barracks and accessible via Caprera bus.

No doubt, the museums at Stagnali is the place to see. If you are travelling with children, they will be taken in by the panoramic view. For those interested in the island’s geology or simply interested in this out-of-the-way spot, they can learn about its history at the museum.

Going to La Maddalena for Forte Village

Because of the distance (359 km) from the village to La Maddalena, the best means of getting there from Forte Village is via car ferry or boat. The hotel can provide a number of registered boat companies that are available to take guests there.

Each hotel on Forte Village is 5-star rated and provides a charming mix of luxury in a traditional Italian setting. The excursion at La Maddelena often takes a whole day, so guests are advised to come prepared for an amazing experience.

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