Molentargius Saline Regional Park

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Nature at Its Best

A trip to Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is a common practice among holiday makers at the Forte Village Resort. Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is a famous regional park in Sardinia, Italy, nestled between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena. Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is about 54 minutes away from the Forte Village Resort and can be easily accessed through the Poetto Coast Road from Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena.

The park is often visited by tourists for its enchanting, breath-taking flora and fauna which includes a rich diversity of bird species and very gorgeous and attractive vegetation with some endangered plant species. Here, you can freely interact with nature as you watch the beautiful pink flamingos, a very rare species of water birds, and the lovely plant life.

Molentargius -Saline Regional Park – Home of Adorable Flamingos

The regional park was recognised by the Ramsar Convention in 1977 as a reputable wetland of international significance and home to hundreds of bird species, including the elegant pink flamingo which has become the unique symbol of the park.

Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is famous for its distinctive saltwater, Bellarosa Maggiore or Molentargius and Stagno di Quartu and freshwater basins, Bellarosa Minore and Perdalonga, each on either sides of a patch of beautiful sandy dry land known as Is Arenas. No wonder it is home to lots of water birds and lush eye-catching vegetation.

This regional park is a bird watcher’s paradise, especially for flamingo lovers, where the adorable flamingo can be seen in all its splendour; with its long, majestic legs, tall, slender neck, strong, powerful beak and brilliant, colourful body.

Experience Nature At Its Best In Molentargius -Saline Regional Park

Molentargius – Saline Regional Park is a rich blend of nature when it comes to animal and plant life. As a lover of nature, you just can’t afford to miss out on the fun that this scenic natural park promises. Its proximity to the Forte Village Resort makes it easily accessible to holiday makers and tourists, which makes it additional fun and a time well spent at the resort and its environs.

The rich diversity of plant life adds its own unique beauty to the park, with brilliant and lively colours dotting the landscape. Nature sings a song of harmony that reverberates in the mind of everyone who visits Molentargius – Saline Regional Park. There’s always an interesting story to tell about flamingos and the beautiful natural scenery after every visit to the park.

Opening Hours at Molentargius -Saline Regional Park

Opening hours at the park is between 8:30 am – 8:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 am – 6:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. So you’ll need to plan your visits to the park around the scheduled opening hours.

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