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At Forte Village, we provide a well-equipped nursery to care for young children, from 4 months up to 17 years, while you are on holiday. We have well-trained staff, who are highly capable of looking after children of all ages and communicating with them to keep them happy for the period they are around. Whether you want to spend time with them in our state-of-the-art child care facilities, or leave them in the care of our highly efficient staff, you can be assured that they will be happy and safe when you re-unite with them.

Our beautiful all-inclusive seaside resort is a dream destination for young parents and parents of toddlers and teens because we provide baby-friendly accommodations that are welcoming and warm. You don’t have to worry about being bent out of shape when it comes to your precious little munchkins on your holiday.

Our nursery services include:

  • Kiddies spa
  • Changing rooms
  • Babysitting service
  • Children accessories
  • Children’s meals
  • Swimming pools

Kiddies Spa

Your kids need to relax too. We ensure that your kids enjoy the wellness benefits of an indulgent spa experience. For a fun manicure, we soak the hands in a minty wash, trim the nails and massage with a moisturising hand cream. Not to worry, the whole experience is expertly supervised.

Changing Rooms

We understand that sometimes, fun gets a bit messy. Forte Village nursery service is equipped with changing rooms to deal with a diaper change, change of clothes or a warm shower, as needed.

Babysitting Service

Sometimes, you just want to relax in bed while someone else watches over your kids. Our expert babysitters, trained in CPR, are available at a phone call away to provide such service.

Children Accessories

Feel free to pack light for your fun vacation and leave the heavy lifting to us. We provide toys, strollers, carriers, cribs, and so on. Simply call beforehand to let us know your unique needs and we will have them ready for you before you arrive.

Children’s Meals

When it comes to delicious meals, you can trust us with your children’s health and taste buds. Our restaurants provide a range of yummy options that are well suited to provide the necessary nutrition for your growing kids.

Swimming Pools

If you’re starting your child early to become the next Olympic swimmer champion, they don’t have to miss out on a lesson just because they are on holiday. Enrol them for our expert swimming teachers or just let them in for a bit of recreational swimming to pass time, while you get on with other fun activities. Our life guards are always on duty at the swimming pool, just like guardian angels.

You are here to relax, and we are here to help you achieve that. So enjoy your fun in the sun on our warm beaches under the clear skies, have an adventurous evening at our destination club or simply enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa as we take the responsibility of childcare off your shoulders.

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