Parco del Sinis

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One of the things people staying at Forte Village love to do is visit the Parco del Sinis at Montiferru. It is about 40 minutes away from the resort. The Sinis Montiferru national park is vast, covering 42,664 hectares and lies within the jurisdiction of over five municipalities, one of which is the beautiful Cagliari.

Montiferru is a region of central-western Sardinia, steeped in rich history. The economy in the area is mainly rural, based on agriculture and animal farming. Flora in Montiferru ranges from the Mediterranean shrub land in the coast, olive and fruit trees in the mainland, and pines and oaks in the raised parts. Wildlife particular to the territory includes the wild boar, fox, Sardinian hare, European hedgehog, marten, and the rare Sardinian wildcat. Others are the vulture, peregrine falcon, little owl and others.

A Beautiful National Park

The national park is a delightful discovery for a lot of tourists having a Sardinian holiday. It is a park of great archaeological significance, and it meets expectations with its lovely views and wonderful vistas. The basic setting is beautiful as it overlooks the sea on two sides with a magnificent beach. The national park remains untouched, despite activity from people in the area. The forests are also well-preserved, with numerous trees flanking its beautiful and extensive coastline.

Enjoy a beautiful coastal walk across the national park. Amazing views can be seen while hiking around the headland on the top of the Sinis peninsula to the lighthouse, and down to the excavation area of the ancient city of Tharros. Also, you’ll see lots of Roman ruins, a Nuraghic settlement and a Spanish tower. However, remember to cover up properly, as quite unfriendly mosquitos are known to hang out in those parts.

Parco del Sinis, Montiferru is replete with views of breath-taking sunsets and distant horizons. The national park is certainly not lacking in things to be seen. Words simply could not describe the immense forest of Malancone Pabassiu, or the charming view of Monte Entu and Sa Chidonza, the S’evo Tower Park, or the church of Salvatore Cabras where, if you are lucky, you can catch a celebration of the famous barefoot feast.

A Truly Dramatic Setting for a Visit from Forte Village Resort

If an ideal holiday for you is characterised by the presence of a dramatic setting, dramatic waves, beautiful vistas and an unforgettable beach; then Parco del Sinis in Montiferru is the one place you must visit during your stay at seaside Forte Village resort. The national park is generally a good place to walk, take in a bit of history, and finally, relax on the uncrowded beach with lovely clear water, where the sea breeze blows over the beautiful sunny beaches. Restaurants and cafes can also be found in the area, where you can have an ice-cold beer or a cup of espresso.

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