Parco del Sulcis

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Sardinia is one of the most popular holiday destinations with its pristine landscapes, clear waters and beautiful beaches. While these are the main attractions, the region has so much more to offer with its dense forests, some of which are counted among the largest in Europe.

The Sulcis Park, covering 68,868 hectares, is the largest among the future Regional Nature Parks delineated by the Region of Sardinia in 1989. The area has been designated a Special Protection Area in an attempt to preserve its rich biodiversity. It is located in the south-western part of Sardinia, and occupies a large portion of the mountain range between the wide Cixerri valley to the north, the plain of Villaperuccio, Giba and Narcao to the west, the coastal plains of Capoterra and Villa San Pietro to the east, and those of Pula, Santa Margherita and the Gulf of Teulada up to the bay of Chia to the south. Specifically, the area of the park spans across parts of the Gutturu Mannu mountain system, along with that of Cannoneris and Pantaleo.

Being one of the new favourites for many Forte Village guests, the park presents a rich variety of fauna pleasantly slamming visitors with the sweet scents of sowbreads, arbutus berries, oleanders, and peony, a typical Sardinian flower. The park has one of the largest forests in Europe with densely packed vegetation and trees such as oaks, poplars, cork oaks, carob, mastic and cysts.

More delightful is the wide variety of wildlife and the picturesque waterways with numerous sources. The area is a natural habitat of the Sardinian deer, found mainly in the complex of Monte Arcosu and once feared to be facing extinction. Other species populating the area include wild boars, foxes, weasels, wild cats, the golden eagle, buzzard and the goshawk.

Parco del Sulci is home to the country church of St. Lucia, rebuilt in the late seventies and surrounded by ancient olive trees. Here, archaeologists have unearthed numerous artefacts dating back to the Nuragic period and the early Middle Ages. Like many other Sardinian parks, this one has a perfect blend of history and nature.


Parco del Sulci is an excellent choice for excursions and a bit of fun in the great outdoors. Near the entrances to the park are cottages, stables and eateries. Parco del Sulci is best explored on foot, horseback and mountain bike, with internal routes suited to off-road vehicles. If you’d like to exert some energy as you enjoy nature’s wonderful gifts, there are trails perfect for hiking. However, if you’d rather relax and enjoy the forest air while you munch on a snack, there are picnic tables placed in designated areas of the park.

How to Get There

From Forte Village Resort, Parco del Sulci is about 57.1 kilometres via the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana route. You may go through Capoterra through the Gutturu Mannu valley in an off-road vehicle. The forest isn’t difficult to find as there are various signs to guide tourists.

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