Parco della Giara di Gesturi

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There are parks and there are national parks. In Southern Sardinia, the Parco della Giara di Gesturi is a national park that boasts of its fair share of colourful flora and fauna. Every day, tourist parties flock to the park to glimpse the famous thorough-bred ponies of the Giara and wild orchids native to the area.

Italy is a hotbed of tourist attractions. For guests staying at Forte Village, the Parco della Giara di Gesturi is about an hour and half away by road. That is if you are taking the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana and E25 route. But it is worth every km as the beauty of the park will make you forget distance.

Most guests at Forte Village Resort love to include the park in their itinerary. For €50 –  €150, a family can reserve a trip to Parco della Giara di Gesturi, depending on the number of the travelling party. Fees are flexible and generally depend on the number of people going. Your children will be excited to see the stunning wildlife at the park.

About Parco della Giara di Gesturi

The park is a beautiful habitat of plant and animals. It extends 4,500 hectares with more than 350 botanical species and over 100 different animal species. The plateau of the Jar, or Sa Jara as it is called by the locals, is situated in central Sardinia. It is between Sarcadino, Arborea and the Marmilla Trexenta, with the Gulf of Oristano to its west.

The origin of the Italian name ‘Giara’ and ‘Jara’ (for Sardinia), is used to depict the basaltic plateaus of the island. The peak plateau is arranged in line with the south-east, north-west direction for a 12 km length.

The Giara represents all characteristics of a typical Mediterranean environment. It features an extremely high level of naturality. Of all the mammal population in the park, the Giara pony, Equus Caballus Giarae is undoubtedly the most popular. Other exciting animals include the Giara Horse of Jar, “Equus caballus jarae”, the native Sardinian tree frog and the hedgehog.

The park is home to lovely wild orchids. And in the summer, some springs on the plateau provide a source of water for both plant and animal species. During the excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to see the interesting application of plants in food, crafts and folk medicine.

Parco della Giara di Gesturi For Guests At Forte Village

The Giara national park is worth including in your travel destination, if you plan to stay at Forte Village. The hotels offer an organised trip which can be booked anytime.

Forte Village is a seaside all-inclusive resort that provides numerous bungalows and suites with 5-star treatments in a traditional Italian village. From the Il Borgo to Le Dune, Parco Del Villa and Hotel Pineta, you can book a reservation for a family excursion anytime.

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