Parco Di Monte Arci

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Italy presents an exquisite location for a seaside vacation. Most of the time, summer is spent basking under the beautiful sunny weather. It is no surprise how many people love to take their families there for an unforgettable summer holiday.

One of the interesting sites for tourist attraction is the Parco di Monte Arci. This lovely national park has poetically been described as the “mountain of stone, green and water-borne from years of fire.” It is located on the north edge, along the east-side of the Rift Valley of Campidano in Sardinia.

The park extends towards the towns of Villaurbana north, east Ales, between Marrubiu south and State Road 131 west. It is a major point of interest, especially for guests at the Forte Village which is a sprawling expanse of luxury hotels and villas along Southern Sardinia.

If you are residing at any of the hotels in the village, it is interesting to note that the Monte Arci is only about 120 km away. A little over an hour and half drive via the E25 or SS 195 Sulcitana roads.

About The Parco di Monte Arci

The Park has plenty of influence in Italy’s natural and archeologic history including cultural traditions of the area itself. The Monte Arci is significant to the history of Sardinia, particularly for its mining history of obsidian, which is abundant along the slopes.

Obsidian was a more suitable material (than flint) for weapons and tools making. This volcanic glass led to the formation and growth of the first trade between Sardinia and countries overseas.

Being famous for its rich flora and fauna, the Parco di Monte Arci draws several visitors to its cherished verdant forests. It presents a chance to observe a vibrant coloration of plant and animal species co-existing in their natural habitat. Some of the plant species include wild legumes, Caprifoliaceae and Ericeae species, while the most common animal species are the wild hog and colourful bird of prey.

Hotels close to Parco di Monte Arci

The Forte Village is a little over an hour from the national park. However, its luxury hotels and cosy bungalows make it a favourite for most travellers to Southern Sardinia. The hotels include Hotel Castello, Le Dune, Le Palme, Il Borgo, La Pineta, and Hotel Bouganville to mention some.

Each hotel promises amazing views of the azure-coloured Mediterranean Sea or the panoramic views of green garden parks. The mix of 5-star service in a quaint Italian village setting, promises a satisfying experience to every vacationing guest at the luxury village.

How to get to Parco di Monte Arci

Guests at Forte Village often include a trip to Parco di Monte Arci in their travel itinerary. The National Park is nearly a two-hour drive via the SS 195 Sulcitana. If you wish, the hotel can add it to your tour list. Otherwise, you may request a registered cab service to take you there.

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