Parco di Monte Linas Oridda Marganai

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The Parco di Monte Linas – Oridda – Marganai (Wikipedia) is one of the main attractions for visitors at the Forte Village. The Monte Linas Park is about 107km away from the Resort.  It is lush and picturesque, one of the jewels of the Sardinia region.

The park features mountainous molds mainly made up of granite and limestone. The major attraction, however, is the beautiful landscape featuring deep gorges and waterfalls.   The waterfall is the result of the MuruMannu watercourse joining the Linas stream. The waterfall has a jump of about 50meters making it a vital attraction for daring visitors to Forte Village. The fauna around the park features the Sardinian deer, golden eagle, fallow deer, among others.

Enjoy a relaxing view of wildlife amidst a nicely planned lush garden with a wide offering of plant life. You also have access to underground rivers that have created caves over time. As a visitor to the park, you are welcomed to explore the caves using torchlight. It is your chance to enjoy a real adventure when you walk through the 800m cave.

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Having been awarded the World’s leading resort severally by the World Travel Awards, the Forte Village resort is in a class of its own occupying a large expanse of land at the region of Santa Margherita di Pula beautifully adorned with old pine forest and lush gardens. Forte Village resort is about forty five minutes from the Cagliari Airport. It is a world class tastefully constructed resort which holds even more interest because of its strategic location and nearness to a lot of interesting places in and around Sardinia.

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