Porto di Cala Verde

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Vacationers at Forte Village love to visit Porto di Cala Verde. It is also known as Cala Verde Marina, and is located about 30 kilometres from Cagliari, which is home to the lovely sea side resort. The port is a beautiful, fully functional harbour surrounded by the beautiful sea.

The marina specialises in tourism, with a major focus on water activities. A lot of attractive possibilities are available to people who reach Cala Verde Marina such as fishing, swimming, diving, boating excursions and so on. You don’t have to be an expert either to engage in any of the interesting activities. Experts or green-behind-the-ears novices can enjoy the opportunities provided by the Porto di Cala Verde. Diving expeditions are well organised for interested tourists with provisions made for rafts, charging stations, and oxygen cylinders. Beautiful views including underwater meadows, sea beams, groupers, eels and croakers can be captured on an underwater camera. There’s something gorgeous for every eye to enjoy, depending on personal tastes.

Visitors enjoy going to Porto di Cala Verde for its various wondrous attractions:

  • Sights and Landmarks

The Nora archaeological site has been well preserved through time, and still stands today as an intriguing memento of the deep and rich historical journey which the city has been through. Tourists go there in groups and are usually escorted by friendly guides who provide all the needed information on the special characteristics Nora has to offer.

Santa Margherita is a big touristy village which provides an enjoyable natural environment to people looking for a place to relax.

  • Beaches

Sardinian beaches are among the most beautiful in the world, and the beaches offered by Porto di Cala Verde are equally as breathtaking and sublime. A worthwhile venture on your Italian vacation is to spend a day at the beach. Inhale the clean air, do a bit of swimming or snorkelling if you prefer. Whatever your choice of leisure activity, as long as it involves the water, the beach is the place to be.

  • Luxurious hotels and Resorts

Luxurious hotels and resorts care well placed in and around the Porto del Cala Verde. Some of the best hotels include La Pineta, Bouganville, Hotel Castello and Il Borgo, which are located on the beautiful grounds of the Forte Village resort. Other hotels worth mentioning are Lantana Hotel & Residence. These hotels are beautiful and provide the most agreeable accommodations and facilities to use.

Also of interest are the restaurants available at the hotels and resorts- serving a delicious combination of local and international dishes accompanied by wickedly delicious desserts. Treat yourself to rich, melt-in-your-mouth gelato, cannoli, panna cotta, struffoli, and the ever crowd pleaser, tiramisu. Real Italian meals served by real Italian chefs are the highlights of most holidays at Forte Village resort and one of the many reasons they return for another holiday in the highly welcoming and peaceful environment.

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