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From Forte Village Resort, Porto Pino is up Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana and just under 42 kilometres by car. Porto Pino stretches along the south-west of Sardinia and is dotted with lagoons, beaches, and pine woods.

Porto Pino is a lovely seaside locale right on the southern tip of Sardegna in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The area features dense pine forests and an impressive bay with lovely beaches. Many Forte Village guests take the 52-minute drive to Porto Pino to experience some of the local attractions in the area, especially the beaches.


The beach of Porto Pino or Spiaggia Porto Pino is divided in two by an artificial reef, with the larger beach considered more beautiful than the smaller one. It is arguably the finest and certainly the busiest of Porto Pino’s beaches. It’s a broad strip of white, fine sand with perfectly clear, shallow waters to enjoy with the entire family, even the toddlers.

There’s a large parking space, and a number of pizzerias, cafes, and restaurants close by. The beach is wheelchair accessible and there are deck chairs and umbrellas available for rent. It’s perfect for water sports including surfing, diving and underwater fishing. Those who practise underwater fishing will find it particularly delightful as this part of the sea is home to sea bream and yellowtail. Spiaggia Porto Pino is well-known for its mild, silky dunes.

Another popular beach is the beach of Le Dune or White Sands. It’s a long, wide beach of white sand dunes located in the town of Teulada, in Porto Pino.  Some of its sand dunes reach heights of up to 20 to 30 metres.

The area is home to the pond, Is Brebeis, where various migratory birds such as the flamingos, flock to in the summer. While part of the beach is controlled by the military and is only open between June and August, other parts remain accessible throughout the year. The water has a mesmerising deep blue colour with the white sands contributing to the lovely iridescent reflections of the water.

It has a parking lot spacious enough to admit campervans and a good number of spots to rent beach umbrellas, deck chairs and pedal boats. There are a few eateries and bars where you can grab a quick drink or a bite to eat as well.


The ponds of Porto Pino are often visited by different species of birds, such as the common sandpiper, kingfisher, egret, and pink flamingo. The ponds are used for fishing and are separated from the sea by a sandy strip of land, 70 meters wide. Bordered by large sand dunes on one side, on the other side lies a series of rocky cliffs, backwaters of ponds, and a dense pine forest of Aleppo pine. According to legend, this was the same wood Phoenicians for their boats.

While the other beaches in Porto Pino are considerably smaller than Spiaggia Porto Pino, they all present the classic Sardinian mix of fine, white sands and clear, turquoise waters.

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