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Tantalizing Cuisine In A Lush Facility

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Italy with endless options for dinning and wining in the choicest award winning holiday resort in the world? Forte Village is the place to be. This exquisite resort is located in the gorgeous Sardinian Coastline, Italy; a luxurious and charming holiday village that will have you spell bound.

Impeccable World Class Restaurant Services

Forte Village is an all-inclusive-resort with 21 exotic restaurants that offer mouth-watering delicacies made by passionate and dedicated world class chefs, and served with poise and elegance by the friendliest waiters at your beck and call- offering classy restaurant services you would definitely live to remember.

Forte Village has something delicious for you, regardless of your cultural affiliation and background, when it comes to all things food and drink. Be it traditional Italian cuisine, continental cuisine or oriental cuisine, whatever your personal preferences may be, Forte Village has got you covered with our cosmopolitan dishes that are appealing to the international community. We have something for everyone. This is just one among the numerous reasons why we have a reputation as the best holiday resort in the world.

Check Out Our Exquisite Restaurants

Among our classy and exceptional restaurants are the Pineta Restaurant, Brasiliano Restaurant, Pasta House Restaurant, Pizzeria Restaurant, Children’s Restaurant, Sardinian Restaurant, Forte Grill Restaurant, Bellavista Restaurant, Belvedere Restaurant, Le Dune Restaurant, Cavalieri Restaurant, Alfon Schuhbeck Restaurant, Beachcomber Restaurant, Shambala Asian Fusion Restaurant, Torre Grill Restaurant, Is Arenas Restaurants and more. Each of these restaurants has something unique and exciting that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Our Unequalled World Class Restaurant Services At A Glance

  • Our restaurant services are of world class standard with a classy and impeccable quality.
  • Unlimited choices when it comes to the best local and international cuisine from award winning chefs.
  • Elegant and friendly waiters with the warmest smile at your service when you need them.
  • We offer luxurious meals at the most affordable prices.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is a promise kept.
  • Best location for relaxation.
  • Lots of side attractions in our holiday village besides the sumptuous meals we offer.

Why You Should Come Dine With Us At Our Exotic Restaurants In Fort Village

Forte Village is a leading brand in the hospitality industry. We employ cutting edge technology and best industry practices in our day to day activities, to achieve excellence in the business of serving you better. We strive for excellence at all times and guarantee customer satisfaction with our services. Additionally, we have been awarded the Best Luxury Holiday Resort in the world by the World’s Travel Awards.

Don’t miss out on our exotic cosmopolitan dishes. Join our large, ever growing customer base to book a date with us.


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