Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari

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Sited in the city of Cagliari at the southern end of Sardinia, is a point of interest to holiday makers at The Forte Village, the ancient Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari.

It is perhaps the most significant structure in Sardinia with a history steeped in the Roman period. The amphitheatre is almost entirely carved in the cascading rock which is shaped into a natural valley that goes down from Buon Cammino.

This iconic tourists building was constructed around the 1st and 2nd century AD and could originally seat up to 10,000 spectators, which at that time was about a third of the Roman Caralis.

The terraces were designed in three separate orders, which signify the social class of the spectators that occupied that particular section. The entertainment included fights between gladiators, who were recruited in all of the Roman Empire.

There were also shows between wild animals and gladiator. The beasts were kept in cages at the side of the arena, which can still be seen today.  The amphitheatre also served as the seat of public executions.

But by the beginning of the 5th century AD, the amphitheatre was no longer in use and was subsequently converted to a free stone quarry by the leaders of the era from the Republic of Pisa, the Byzantines, the House of Aragon and others.

The area came under the administration of comune of Cagliari in the 19th century after it was acquired and excavated under the supervision of a clergyman, Giovanni Spano.

A Different Kind Of Entertainment At The Ancient Arena

The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari has now been recreated into a brand new Forte Arena, which is a spectacular open air theatre that entertains vacationers at The Forte Village Resort.

The holiday makers at Forte Village sometimes love to take a break with a walk to the ruining, but majestic arena. Taking the Buon Cammino route to the amphitheatre, offers stunning and magnificent views of the scenery; while a sloping stroll takes you back to the piazza Yenne, a favourite meeting point for locals especially during hot nights in the summer.

You can also gather with friends at the piazza Yenne for some sociable chats and banter before moving up to Castello or visit some clubs out of town. Or you could choose to enjoy sips of cocktail wines or Sardinian beer while seated in the terraces of the numerous bars and cafés. Perhaps you could take a stroll as you slurp on some large home-made ice cream.

You can still enjoy some entertainment at the amphitheatre today as a spectator, but not to watch bloody fights between gladiators or man versus beast. The old arena has been elegantly refurbished, but most of its features are still pristine. So, now, you can feel the old in the new and enjoy both unique experiences as you listen to jazz and other songs at national and international concerts and events hosted there.

The Sardegna Concerti organises seasonal concerts, and you can check their schedule for a list of upcoming events.  The charges vary depending on concerts but they are also averagely affordable.

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