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The Forte Village location, Sardinia is a large tropical island that hugs the Mediterranean to the west of Italy.  The natural architecture of the town is shaped by beautiful mountains and a famed coastline with white, sparkly waters that made it a favourite destination for throngs of holiday lovers every year from all around the world.

The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari, located on the southern coast, with the island itself a region of Italy. Sardinia is a well sited town and a natural tourist hub as it is easily accessible from different locations in Europe with three international airports and boat rides from mainland Italy.

A Different, More Alluring Version Of Italy

When in Sardinia, it’s easy to occasionally forget that it’s still Italy. You’ll find its sparsely populated, sprawled out personality, a refreshing departure from the condensed nature of the Italian mainland. The language is another unique distinction too, as Sardinian or Sardo is commonly spoken by natives in this luxury holiday resort, alongside Italian.

A Spectacular Architecture Carved By History

Another exciting distinctiveness of this holiday home of The Forte Village is its architectural offering that is remarkably shaped by great voyages of the past. In fact, the island was said to be a natural rest isle for emperors journeying through the Mediterranean Sea.

And the great city states and kingdoms of the past, such as the Byzantines, Vandals and Phoenicians, all left their footmarks on the island. But the most notable cross cultural influence was from the Spanish Catalans who colonized Alghero for hundreds of years.

Today, visitors can still see elements of Catalan history on the island, including in the design of the cathedral and the town’s street signs which are still written in Catalan.

Beach Coves

But without a doubt, the most unique feature of Sardinia is its delightful and shimmery white beaches. It’s a taste of Caribbean in Europe and certainly one of the most attractive on the continent.

The coast of the island alone is carved with 80 coves. And from Olbia, it’s easy to reach the seductive Emerald Coast. Across to the west is Isola Rossa, a fishing village with its own astonishing arc of sand. The water is crystal clear as well, making it a wonderful place to go snorkelling.

Food And Wine

The outstanding resort town that hosts The Forte Village retains the famous Italian food and wine heritage in bountiful measures. Some of the local favourite delicacies include the myrtle-stuffed wild boar and the roast suckling pig.

Airports And Travel

Sardinia hosts three international airports that are all served by flights from all major locations around the world. The airports – Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero, are well connected by public transport and are close to the towns they serve.

And if you prefer not to fly, you can access the island by ferries from mainland Italy. Train services are also available from Paris to Livorno or Genoa, from where you can then catch a ferry.

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