Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria

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No matter their religious bent, tourists staying at Forte Village love to visit the Shrine of Our Lady in Bonaria, also known as Our Lady of Fair Winds. It is located in Cagliari, which is also home to the stunning seaside resort Forte Village. In addition to the Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria, which are the main focus of tourist visits, a monastery also shares the same location.

The shrine is an important icon of the Virgin Mary situated on top of the hill and a religious sanctuary to which pilgrims flock from across the globe for worship.

Legend has it that during a violent sea storm, a ship lost all of its cargo into the water. However, as soon as the final wooden crate hit the water, the storm passed. That crate ended up at the port of Bonaria, where some friars opened it to find a statue of the Virgin Mary, holding baby Jesus in one hand, and in the other, a lighted candle.

If you are visiting for the first time, you can access the complex through the wide stairs leading to the hilltop. Here, a most incredible view of the sea awaits. The basilica provides opportunities for tourists to view frescos and paintings, including a depiction of the Sacred Family. A stroll through the museum’s cloister would bring you to an awe-inspiring sight of models of ships and a golden crown belonging to 16th century duke, Carlo Emmanuel I.

Just a Few Miles South from Forte Village

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria is less than 2 miles from the south of Cagliari. A quick trip from Cagliari’s fine sea-side resort, Forte Village, will bring you to the sanctuary grounds. Visiting the shrine is part of the many outdoor recreations that tourists at the holiday village engage in.

Many of the guests at Forte Village who have visited the basilica and sanctuary at the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria, have only had good things to say about their experience:

“This is a beautiful church. This church is called the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria but it is sometimes known as Our Lady of Fair Winds. There are some beautiful works of art throughout the church as well as some relics on display. Before you enter the church, as you are walking up the steps, be sure to look for the lovely mosaic on the landing” – Sharon M, Maryland

“Visited this church fairly early in the morning as part of our morning walk. Not many people around. The interior of the church is quite appealing and it was quite peaceful. The cemetery is next to it, and the views from the gardens of the church are nice. It is quite a walk from the old town” – Terry, Canada

The complex is open to visitors every day at all times of the day, except for a few hours mid-afternoon. What’s more, you don’t need to pay an admission fee, although the basilica accepts voluntary donations.

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