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Once you choose to stay in Sardinia, the place to head for is Forte Village where you’ll find our award winning hospitality awaiting you, with welcoming smiles and open arms.

The Scenic SP71 from Forte Village

While staying at our all-inclusive resorts, hotels and leisure companies at Forte Village, you can choose to follow the scenic SP71 road to South Sardinia, to witness the beautiful village of Chia. Taking the SP71 road from Forte Village in Santa Marguerita de Pula, is a 10-15 minute drive to the village of Chia where you can visit and walk on the shore of the beautiful Chia Beach. The beaches of Chia are open to you and your family to snorkel, scuba dive, windsurf, kitesurf, kayak, or just laze on the beautiful shore and gaze into the Mediterranean’s horizon. The best part about Chia’s beaches are their isolation – once you are on the shore facing the Mediterranean, there are hardly any buildings in sight.

The beaches in South Sardinia are a heart-warming spectacle to behold, and their accessibility from Forte Village is one of the many things that make our resorts and hotels such a treat for our guests.

But the Chia beach isn’t the only site worth seeing in Southern Sardinia. East of Cagliari, other beaches are in close proximity to the city and just off the SP71 coast road.

The SP71 in Daytime

Driving on the SP71 in daytime, you get to enjoy the sights and smells of a long stretch of blue sea to the left, and lagoons teeming with pink flamingos on the right side of the road. The entire stretch of the SP71 runs for 25 km along the coast of Teulada and driving it is a tourist’s fantasy all on its own, as you witness the sea and a succession of bays dotted by majestic watchtowers.

A tour ride from Forte Village can take you to witness another main beach in Chia – The Campana. This is a lovely bit of sea that boasts of clear waters and cheerful bars.

Another beach to look out for in Chia is the Su Giudeu to the west. While another is Su Portu to the east, that’s located under an historic watchtower made entirely out of stone. And if you feel the need to diversify your touring adventure, you can visit some of Chia’s historic landmarks such as the archaeological site in Nora that’s famed for holding ancient knowledge concerning Punic origins.

A Convenient Road to and from Forte Village Resort

After an exciting and fun filled day experiencing the amazing sights and sounds of Southern Sardinia’s countryside and its beaches, you can return to our hospitality at Forte Hotel Village via the same SP71 you left by. If you’re tired, we have a state of the art spa staffed with experts who are specially trained to help you relax.

If your adventure has left you feeling peckish, our kitchens are under the expert hands of some of the world’s most celebrated chefs who are ready to serve you the most delectable meals made from the freshest ingredients available – most of our seafood ingredients are caught right in our backyard.

If you still have some energy left after all that, we offer vibrant nightlife in the Hotel Village premises that you can take advantage of.

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