Spaggia Punta Molentis

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Spiaggia Punta Molentis is one of the most breath-taking and beautiful beaches on the Island of Sardinia, and a firm favourite with those staying at Forte Village Resort. If you think the Caribbean has the most beautiful beaches, then you haven’t seen the Spiaggia Punta Molentis. It is the European’s version of a Caribbean beach. The sea is shallow, and the colours of the water are a lovely sight to behold.

It is located in the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara, Cagliari Province, the South Eastern part of Sardinia. The waters are a beautiful mix of colours ranging from turquoise, blue to emerald green.

The Mediterranean bushes provide the beach with a beautiful backdrop. An added feature is a hill which is about 100 m where ruins of nuraghe can be found- giving the beach a touch of history.

Spiaggia Punta Molentis; a Tale of Two Sides

Spiaggia Punta Molentis has two sides, one part covered with beautiful white sands and the other part with granite stones. You can enjoy an afternoon of rock scaling alongside family members while you enjoy the view that the sea presents, or you can get a space on the sandy part, burying your feet in the white sands as you enjoy a great picnic time with friends.

Whatever your preference may be, be it a calm or social time out, the beach is perfect for you.

The bar at the beach serves well-made, fresh fish meals. You may also enjoy scuba fishing or deep diving in the waters.

Visiting from Forte Village

Tourists to the Forte Village Resort are drawn by the beauty of Spaggia Punta Molentis, making it a point of interest. Also located in the Cagliari Province, the Forte Village Resort is a world class all inclusive resort that also boasts of very interesting activities for every member of the family. Spaggia Punta Molentis is 107 km away from the Forte Village Resorts. If you are lodged in one of the hotels at the Forte Village Resort, then you should take time to see the gorgeous Spaggia Punta Molentis. You may rent a car or hire a cab that will take you there. The drive to the Spaggia Punta Molentis from the Forte Village Resort takes a little under two hours.

If you are looking to indulge, you may hire a boat which takes you right across, giving you one of the most magnificent views while you enjoy a great afternoon of swimming in the beautiful waters of the Punta Molentis.

Sardinia has a lot of beautiful places you should explore. If you haven’t yet crossed this beautiful place off your list, make sure you visit it soon. When next you are in Sardinia or you are over at the Forte Village Resort, do check out Spaggia Punta Molentis. It promises to be worth your time.

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