Spiaggia di Chia

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When staying at Forte Village, people love to visit Spiaggia di Chia. It is just 40 minutes away from the resort. The shortest route to the beach from Forte Village is a 13-minute drive through the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana and Viale Chia/SP 71. It is a glorious expanse of beach that is well suited for combining a beach holiday with a bit of Sardinian city life. This is possibly because it is located right at the doorstep of Cagliari city.

The Golden Sand of Spiaggia di Chia

Spiaggia di Chia consists of an elongated span of golden sand beaches, separated into smaller bays. It is in arguably one of the loveliest beaches of Sardinia. There are well organised parking spaces on each beach, with super cool beach bars in different designs. Endless rows of colourful umbrellas and inviting chairs line up the beach for you to choose to rent. Also, exciting water sports equipment are available for rent so don’t forget to take some cash along with you as no cards would be accepted there. There is also a kiosk to get ice cream and a few places where you could buy food and drinks to refresh yourself.

This beach is perfect for families with young kids because of its shallow water. The sand is a beautiful bright golden hue, perfectly complimenting the clear emerald sea. In the afternoons, when it gets particularly windy, tourists prefer to stroll next to the beach to take in the sights and simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance before returning to their rooms.

In the summer, a large number of pretty pink flamingos can be seen on the way to the beach. It is usually quite a sight to see the majestic birds flounce about in the water.

The part of the beach that’s closest to the Chia Village presents a lovey view of the ancient watch tower. It’s also the busiest part of the beach where locals mingle with foreign tourists from around the world and engage in interesting sporting and other activities.

Tranquillity and Relaxation

Spiaggia di Chia is extremely tranquil, and almost everything you could want in a beach. See an outstanding view of the water through the eyes of your GoPro. At 500 meters off the shore, there’s a little island with a natural beauty that is immensely breath-taking. You can reach the island by swimming the deep part for a few metres, or walk part of the way to it by another route. It is worth it for the great views you would get.

With the opportunity to do whatever you want; swim, play ball or lie in the sun, Spiaggia di Chia is definitely a place to see. Beautiful backdrops, soft beach sands, crystal clear waters full of fish and so on. The amazing beach is well suited to those who simply want to relax and those who have a desire to explore.

On your way back to your hotel room, you can enjoy a fantastic scenery where the massive cliffs meet the striking blue Mediterranean Sea.

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