Spiaggia Di Porto Giunco

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Visitors to The Forte Village don’t miss visiting Spiaggia di Porto Giunco because, well, it is just irresistible! It is an absolutely magnificent beach located at the southeast end of Capo Carbonara and under the Porto Giunco Tower.

This coastline resort is sometimes called the ‘two seas beach’ and is named after the near pond. It features prominently in some of the most popular postcards of Sardinia.

Sometimes described as ‘magical’ by visitors, Spiaggia di Porto Giunco is wide – a lot bigger than other nearby beaches – and allows visitors enough private space for relaxation. The water is clear and warm with white sands and a low sea bed level.

The water is so transparent that you could see deep inside and the weather is sunny and amazing for most of the year. Another major attractive feature is that the beach is mostly un-crowded, making it the perfect getaway for honeymooning couples.

Aside from its striking beauty, the charming Spiaggia di Porto Giunci, which forms part of the natural park of Villasimius, is famous for its beach facilities and beach establishments such as a car park, wheelchair access, small boat rentals, kiosks, hotel, restaurant, beach umbrellas and deck-chair rentals.

And when you and your family or partner are not lounging under colourful umbrellas with your cocktail glasses on the sea shores, or enjoying the breath-taking view and setting, you may want to take a plunge into the waters for an invigorating swim, have some skiing fun or engage in other water sports, especially if you’re a  water sports enthusiast.

The natural setting and facilities at Porto Giunco is the ideal location to switch off from day-to-day stress and take a well-deserved rest and relaxation. Additionally, for holidaying families, they will find everything they need to make their vacation enjoyable and unforgettable.

The beach’s clean and extremely crystal clear water is perfect for snorkelling for the kids and trained lifeguards are always within sight and sound of every vacationer.

Spiaggia di Porto Giunco is well maintained with several cafés lined up along its route. It stretches some distance in a horseshoe bay and is great to explore on foot with your mate. The beach is framed by Mediterranean vegetation which stops the wind from blowing vacationers away.

The overlooking Porto Giunco Tower is located in the promontory and bears testimonies of the sea exploits and conquests of centuries past before the shoreline became a tourist hub.


Spiaggia di Porto Giunco is only 1 hour drive from the regional capital city of Cagliari. To get there, a visitor will have to drive about 75 km across the SS 125 route.  Then they go through the Saline pond and Muravera, and continue on the journey until they drive up to Villasimius and Costa Rei.

From Villasimius, drive towards the harbour (Porticciolo). Once you’ve covered about 3 km stretch of road, you will arrive at a wide pinewood that also serves as parking lot. The first beach you will come across is the Porto Giunco-Notteri. Continue until you get to the stunning and absolutely magical Spiaggia di Porto Giunco.

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