Strada Statale (SS 195) Sulcitana

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People hoping to make the most of their vacation head towards Italy for a taste of Mediterranean excellence. It is no secret that the country offers some of the finest fleshpots of tourist attraction.  From destination spas to seaside resorts and tourism geography, South Sardinia is a haven of amazing vacation destinations.

One major connecting route for all the beautiful places in Sardinia is the Strada Statale (SS 195). It leads to the luxury all-inclusive Forte Village, a holiday village largely populated with luxury bungalows and beautiful suites.

SS 195 connects to Localita Tuerredda, Forte Arena, Spiaggia del Cavalerde and other major interesting locations in Sardinia. The road is 21.9 km from the Forte Village.

About Strada Statale (SS 195)

The SS 195 Sulcitana is a state road in the South West of Sardinia. From the regional capital of Cagliari, it branches off from the Strada Statale 131 Carlo Felice, along the southwest coast through Capoterra, Sarroch, Villa San Pietro Pula, Domus de Maria, down to Teulada and Sant’ Anna to San Giovanni, Sulcis. From Sulcis, it ends in the Strada Statale 126 Sud Occidentales Sarda.

The state road is nearly 100km long, and was partially extended to a highway-like road, specifically into the Cagliari province. It is managed by ANAS.

  • The Highway 195 Through San Paolo

The Highway 195 through San Paolo is an Italian highway-road connecting Cagliari with the road junction on the Capital’s north, close to Cagliari-Elmas airport. The SS 195 separates the road on the east of Cagliari and along the Pond of Cagliari until it arrives at the State Road 554 Cagliaitana and State Road 130 Iglesiente intersection- at the north-west of the city.

This fast connection to the city’s airport lets traffic from other parts of the Island get to the infrastructure without needing to cross the village.

Forte Village guests can traverse the city’s main locations quickly via the SS 195 state road.

How To Access SS 195 From Forte Village

When you leave the Village, head southwest in the direction of Viale dell Nereidi, then take a right turn into Viale delle Nereidi. Drive for about 250 m and take another right turn into Viale delle Ondine. Keep driving until you take a final left turn connecting you to the Strada Statale 195 Sulcitana.

Here, you are on the SS 195.

The Hotels Close To SS 195

Since the SS 195 is a major connecting road in South Sardinia, it is essential to choose a hotel that is near the state road. Guests at Forte Village are best served to access other areas of the Cagliari province.

The hotels include Villa Del Parco, Hotel Castello, Hotel Le Dune, La Hotel Pineta and Le Palme. They offer a superb mix of 5-star service in a lovely Italian village setting- giving guests the most unforgettable experience.

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