Tyrrhenian Sea

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When at Forte Village, the Tyrrhenian Sea is one of the most popular attractions. The sea, with a maximum depth of 12,418 ft (3,785 metres), is bounded by the Sardinia and Corsica islands to the west, the island of Sicilly to the south, Tuscany, Bascilista, Calabria and Campania to the East.

The Tyrrhenian Sea is also located near the Eurasia and African plates meeting point meaning that there are active volcanoes around it. On the Sardinian front of the sea, there are lots of touristy activities on display. From boat cruises, to open air arts exhibitions, there is no limit to the attraction on offer. It is just another attraction that makes Forte Village one of the biggest holiday destinations in the region.

The Forte Village: A Sardinian Beauty

Do you want a luxury holiday to remember for a life time?   A vacation so unique and fun filled? With luxury villas, resorts, games, sports, food, music and spectacular beach view?

Then welcome to Forte Village.  A classic resort and holiday destination like you’ve never seen before.  Exotic, natural and irresistible.  Forte Village is a timeless beauty located in Sardinia.

From beautiful outdoor recreation facilities to classy accommodation, it hosts world-class restaurants, bars, sandy beaches, sporting/business facilities and more.

Whether you are visiting alone, with your loved ones or perhaps as a business organization, Forte Village has everything you will need.    It is the vacation village of your dream.  And you can design your holiday to suit your budget and have a great time.

But don’t think this is a paradise tucked away from humanity and difficult to access.  It’s only 45 minutes from Cagliari.

Hotels and Suites

Regardless of your preference you will find your dream accommodation in Forte Village.   Hotel rooms with sea view, apartments with a balcony or terrace,   accommodation with a garden? All available.

Perhaps you prefer one that is close to the beach or near the spa?   Whatever your choice, you will find it in Forte Village.

Food and drink

When it comes to world class cuisine and unforgettable culinary experiences, look no further. In Forte Village you will find top class restaurants and chefs.  The resort accommodates a record of 21 restaurants serving a vast range of cuisine and dishes from all parts of the world.   With well stocked and class cocktail to complement.  Want more information about your holiday in Forte Village?  Visit https://www.designholidays.co.uk/.


Looking for a world-class Spa?  The Acquaforte Thalasso in Forte Village is regarded as one of the leading Spas in the world.   It boasts of Sauna, hot tub and offers several packages in different aspects of health and wellness.

So, what are you waiting for?  Request a quote for your holiday at the Forte village now.

Call + 44 (0) 1444 87 2200.

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