Forte Village hotels provide you with a home away from home experience. From the best hotels to the most delicious locally prepared delicacies, staying at our luxurious all-inclusive resort is the best decision for a memorable Sardinian holiday. We provide a warm, safe environment and ensure that every single member of the family enjoy their stay with us. Our accommodation services are crafted to satisfy everyone’s needs, both adults and children.

Choose The Hotel That Suits You

Forte village is how you can imagine paradise. Everything and everybody makes you really happy – the location, the nature, the luxury of structures and above all the high professionalism and exceptional kindness and sympathy off all the persons who work there – Szimonb, Poland.

There are 8 hotels to choose from at Forte Village, each providing spacious beautiful environment for you to enjoy. Whatever your needs, there is always a hotel to suit you.

Make your choice of lodging from rooms with a view of the water, a hilltop accommodation, rooms opening up to beautiful gardens, having a patio, or proximity to the spa. Choose from:

  • Cala del Forte
  • Il Borgo
  • La Pineta
  • Le Dune
  • Villa del Parco
  • Hotel Castello
  • Bouganville
  • Le Palme

The spacious and beautiful hotels in our seaside resort offers many amenities for you to enjoy your stay. Our attentive and dedicated staff are at hand to spoil you completely in a serene and calm atmosphere.

Fun Activities For All

At Forte Village, there are many activities to entertain you and make your stay a delightful one. The beautiful, clean water of our fantastic beach provides easy swimming for kids and adults alike. Simply relax on the beach on chairs and under umbrellas you can reserve for the week. Swimming lessons are available with our fantastic instructors at our pool near the spa. We have a beautiful heated pool as well, to keep you warm while you have fun.

Outdoor recreational activities also help to keep you active during your holiday. Engage in leisure activities like basketball, go-kart racing, water sports and shopping from our incredible selection of fine items. Younger kids are welcome to the kids club we created just for them. Also, there is a candy shop for the young ones, ice cream stands (during the day) and multiple cafes for the adults.

Relaxing Spa Sessions

Excellent in every way. The accommodation and facilities were wonderful with a varied and well-cooked food in the restaurant. My day in the Spa was a very relaxing experience and I enjoyed the Aqua classes twice a day! – Patricia Mary, London

Our destination spa is one of a kind, and the best place to relax- giving you the opportunity to find the natural balance between body and mind. We provide different treatments such as traditional massages, cosmetic treatments and aromatherapy to leave you feeling regenerated and we use products packed with exceptional therapeutic characteristics to relax you.

Fine Dining To Satisfy Your Palate

At Forte Village, we have 21 restaurants for you to choose from. Experience the finest of meals Sardinia has to offer, with exclusive recipes and dishes from local and international cultures. You can also try the superb cooking of highly awarded chef, Gordon Ramsay and other celebrated chefs.

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