Forte Village Swimming Academy

The Forte Village Swimming Academy is available to swimmers of all levels, from beginners to those aspiring for the Olympics.

For swimmers who take swimming very seriously there is the chance to train with modern technology (modern virtual partner, a led light providing the right pace for any swimmer). Swimming Video footage can be taken outside and inside the water with expert computer analysis of movements.

Every swimmer at the Forte Village, irrespective of their level, can benefit from this fabulous swimming academy course. The adventurous can try the excitement of swim trekking, which is a wonderful experience of supported swimming offshore: for the free spirited !1

The Forte Village Swimming Academy’s  course calendar is from May 10th to October 4th.*


1 lesson

5 lessons


€ 45.00

€ 195.00

Group (up to 3 people)

€ 35.00

€ 150.00

* Forte Village reserve the right to modify the course calendar and prices which are a guide.