Forte Village has been the recipient of varied and many distinguishing awards over the years. Our accolades have kept us apart as a pace setter in the hospitality industry. All of Forte Village’s hotels and leisure companies are designed with the aim of offering our clientele an experience that is unlike any they can find elsewhere, and so far, we’ve been able to accomplish that goal as our clients and awards can testify.

In 2011, we were voted as the “The World’s Leading Green Resort” at the prestigious World Travel Awards. Founded in 1993, the World Travel Awards based in London consists of an international panel of respected hospitality experts who award hotels and other hospitality companies for distinguished practices.

We were awarded this honour because the design of our properties acknowledges the fact that the environment matters- rather than harm it for profit. We operate with an approach that takes cognizance of environmental issues and seeks to preserve, and enhance our environment. Our belief is that respect for our environment works in concert with our respect for the wellbeing of our guests.

Forte Village also hosts the ITF Futures Tennis Tournament and the Challenge Forte Village Sardinia International Triathlon annually. Moreover, our resort has a cricket academy, a rugby academy, and a football academy supported by Chelsea FC, among other sports academies. For this, we were bestowed the coveted award for World’s Leading Sports Academy in 2016.

Other accolades our chain of hotels and resorts were crowned with in 2016 alone include:

  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Family Resort Award
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Hotel Villa Award
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Beach Resort Award
  • Europe’s Leading Resort Award
  • Europe’s Leading Sports Resort Award
  • Italy‘s Leading Resort Award

These were all bestowed by the World Travel Award.

Further, World Spa Award honoured us in 2016 with the World’s Best Wellness Retreat Award, Europe’s Best Wellness Retreat Award, and Italy’s Best Wellness Retreat Award.

And the Connoisseur circle awarded us the Best Hospitality Family Hotel Award.

From 1998 till date, we’ve been the sole recipients of World Travel Awards’ “World’s Leading Resort Award”.

We’ve also been nominated for:

  • Europe’s Leading Fully Integrated Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Family Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Beach Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Family Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Leisure Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury All Suite Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Sports Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Villa Resort 2017
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Hotel Villa 2017
  • Europe’s Leading MICE Hotel 2017
  • Mediterranean‘s Leading Resort 2017
  • Italy‘s Leading Hotel Suite 2017
  • Italy‘s Leading Resort 2017
  • World’s Leading MICE Resort 2016
  • Europe’s Leading Fully Integrated Resort 2016
  • Europe’s Leading MICE Hotel 2016
  • Europe’s Leading Villa Resort 2016
  • Mediterranean‘s Leading Resort 2016

Not only do we win awards for our pursuit of excellence, we also have award winning chefs serving our guests.

Celebrity award winning chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Giuseppe Mancino, Andrea Berton, Alessandro Breda, Lionello Cera, Roberto Petza, Vita Klugmann, and Massimiliano Mascia to name a few, all grace our kitchen and restaurant with their award winning culinary expertise to help us deliver our award winning services.