Best Hotel

Since Forte Village is all about memorable getaway holidays for all, we know a thing or two about great hotels with extraordinary service. Our idyllic seaside resort offers the best hotels to meet your needs- whether you are holidaying as a couple, a young family, or travelling with teenagers. So come and make yourself at home at any of our beautiful rooms with a view of the sea, or a view of beautifully landscaped gardens, or unfettered access to our relaxing spas.

Choose from the different gorgeously designed hotel types available at our all-inclusive resort. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed to feel at home. Each Forte Village hotel is uniquely designed with our guests in mind, to make sure you feel like you are at the centre of the world every day. We have 8 amazing hotels from which you can get all the comforts you need to make your stay with us a relaxing and beautiful one.

Hotel Castello

Well known by travellers and locals for its serene and soothing aura, the Hotel Castello is located near the seaside. Enjoy a fantastic view of the water while you rest in the beautiful rooms of this majestic hotel.

Il Borgo

Our Il Borgo is well suited to leisure activities like walking, or leisurely strolling along the beautiful gardens with a lover. It is located on a hillside, and affords you an unspoiled view of the island.

La Pineta

This three two-storey hotel is a beautiful piece of architecture located in a calm part of the resort. It features 105 charming rooms divided into Doubles and Families.

Le Dune

Le Dune provides tourists with 42 luxurious rooms overlooking the sea. It is located in an exclusive part of the Forte Village. Put your feet up in the patio and enjoy the awe inspiring smells coming from the lush gardens.


If you crave a bit more privacy during your stay, beautiful bouganville is partially hidden among hedges, palm trees and multi-coloured flowers. Bouganville offers 175 spacious bungalows divided into Doubles and Family Bungalows.

Le Palme

Located a short distance away from the sea, Le Palme hotel gives you easy access to the beautiful beaches at Forte Village. Choose from 137 bungalows, all with gorgeous patios.

Villa del Parco

Get special living arrangements organised for you with professional, personalised service in any of the luxury accommodations available at the Villa del Parco. We offer 25 luxury rooms (Doubles) and 22 luxury bungalows (Doubles and Triples).

Cala del Forte

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at our statement hotel. The Cala del Forte is located on the edge of the beautiful clear waters. The tastefully designed suites are spacious, providing a picturesque view of the sea.

When you choose Forte Village hotels, you enjoy

  • Scenic views of the island and the sea
  • A wealth of unique experiences
  • Engaging activities for all ages and interests
  • Professional and quality service
  • Luxury accommodations

For us, you always come first. Call us today, and book one of our tastefully designed rooms for your next holiday: 01444 87 22 14.