A Holiday Experience That Stays With You Forever

All year round, everyone looks forward to the holiday because it’s simply the best time of the year. It’s the perfect chance to spend quality time together with loved ones and enjoy the warmth and wonder of nature, in a serene location, rich in culture.

Our Forte Village holidays offer you the ideal getaway; always great packages at what we think is the best resort in the World; whether you want an exclusive week away with your partner in a sophisticated setting, or you’re taking the family out for some bonding and loads of excitement, Forte Village is the place for you.

Our holiday plans are tailored to meet your needs and spoil you while putting a smile on your face with great value for money.

The great location, unique facilities and warm and experienced staff, make staying with Forte Village feel a lot more than home.

And, if you want to extend your holiday in some of the best tropical, City or beach locations in the world, then Design by Holidays can arrange a quick and smooth trip to another dream destination country, including the Caribbean, Greece, the Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and the USA. Why not bolt another holiday on to your Forte Village trip?

Unforgettable experiences, the perfect getaways

Holidays with us at Forte Village are always an unforgettable experience and a dream getaway.

For every booking, we offer you all the great benefits of our passion and experience, as well as the privileged relationships with a network of the top service providers in the industry.

But more importantly, we let you take control and choose your preferred deal or destination, while we provide you with extensive, graphical and descriptive guides with brochures, pictures, videos and independent reviews to help you make more informed choices.

 Best value prices

When you book a holiday plan with us at Forte Village, you’re guaranteed to get a complete and customised holiday package at the best value prices.

Our teams are experienced field experts who try to quickly understand what best suits you, and in addition to your specific preferences, offer you a holiday deal that will excite you and help you to make great savings.

That’s also because as one of the largest and most trusted holiday and tours companies in the UK, we have over the years developed an enviable reputation and important partnerships with some of the leading airlines, hotels, and other service providers in the industry- both locally and internationally. We are therefore able to leverage on these strategic relationships to bring you the most luxurious packages at unbeatable prices.

Last minute deals?

If you’ve still not made up your mind on what holiday package fits you and your partner, or loved ones best, not to worry.

We always have your back at Forte Village, and we can help you to smoothly and quickly arrange last minute deals that you’d think time stood still.

It’s the advantage of the in-depth industry experience and customer-centred service culture that has made us the number one holiday and tours company in the UK.