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If you are running out of ideas or time for a vacation destination this summer, Forte Village in Sardinia, Italy is a fantastic option. Take that last-minute decision to get in touch with the design holiday website for reservations.

This all-inclusive resort is a haven of luxury villas and tourist attractions. Enjoy the leisure of a well-deserved vacation, or rekindle that spark with a loved one. Forte Village also has a variety of family-friendly suites that your children will love. It is also perfect for a company retreat where employees can unwind and participate in team-building activities.

Hub Of Royal Villas

Forte Village is a wide selection of villas with fantastic offerings. Some hotels to choose from include Il Borgo, Le Dune, Le Palme, Royal Pineta, and Villa Del Parco. Each villa has its unique features with architecture designed to make your holiday a worthwhile one.


With an exclusive atmosphere and customised service, the hotels and villas are equipped with multiple adjoining bungalows and luxury rooms. The buildings are located in the heart of a well-manicured garden, not too far from azure-coloured Mediterranean Sea.

The hotels feature single, double and triple luxury bungalows. Each hotel contains a spacious suite with twin or king-sized beds. There are also balconies with spectacular views into crystal clear swimming pools. The verdant gardens make for a comfortable resting area or play space for the children.

Forte Village’s bungalows come with adjoining rooms, and sofas that double as beds, and a patio. Each bathroom has a shower or bath tub, and the rooms have air-conditioning, LCD TVs, a safe, mini-bar and a DVD player.

Forte Village Dining

Italy is renowned for its rich culinary tradition and Forte Village doesn’t disappoint. There are several posh restaurants dotted along this side of Southern Sardinia. They house some of the world’s most talented chefs whose specialty range from Mediterranean cuisine, wholesome foods, sea foods, spicy and more.

With centuries of food tradition passed on to several generations of Italian chefs, you will be spoiled for choice on what to eat. Sardinia is a seaside area with lots of sea food options. You can enjoy a delicious meal of lobster from a restaurant overlooking the ocean.

Forte Village Sporting Activities

If you are an avid sportsperson, you are also covered. There is a range of sporting equipment and facilities for adults and children to make the most of their stay. From lush green golf courses, to sun-kissed tennis courts, there is something for everyone.

Looking for a destination spa spot? Forte village has got many. Professional masseuses trained in the art of muscle relaxation and treatment, will fix that persistent ache. Even the children have their sports clubs for soccer, swimming and tennis. Other sporting activities include football, aerobics classes, water-skiing, scuba-diving, horse-riding lessons and more.

Take advantage of our fantastic relationship with Forte Village and get great rates for your hotel accommodation. For a last-minute decision, you will be surprised how much value you’ll get out of your vacation.

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