Holiday lovers who have visited this five star resort in Sardinia, The Forte Village, can attest that it is the perfect luxury example of how to combine beautiful beaches, lots of family fun and activities, world class dining, and excellent service across tracts of stunning landscape, to give visitors a taste of heaven.

At The Forte Village, travellers who come from all around the world are astounded every time they visit, as no effort is spared to provide holiday makers everything they need for the perfect holiday in one site- without needing to venture out of its gated confines.

The unique resort boasts acres of white sandy beaches, breath taking natural features and mountainous architecture along the coastlines, plus the summer months are almost rainless!

The resort is generally tidy and the staff (literally all of them) are typically friendly and helpful, leaving you with a feeling of being on a paradise on earth!

Heading to The Forte Village for a dream family break? You’ll all love the pool and the beautiful beaches. The kids especially will never have an end of splashing on the fun, snorkelling or having fun at the mini-club ‘Children Wonderland,’ while you and your spouse relax in the spa. You can take a visit to the simply amazing Thalassotherapy Spa where you can have access to world-exclusive treatments and therapies.

At the four and five star hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés that dot this beautiful landscape, the pools are great and sparkly blue, the food and wine are fantastic, and the rooms range from luxury suites to good, basic, local styles that you’ll love. You can also enjoy some energetic and exciting water sports.

If you’re just with your mate, it’s the ideal adventure land, as you take a stroll through the winding walkways of the spas or for a relaxation session at any of the six different sea water pools at varying temperatures and salt concentrations.

For sports and recreation enthusiasts, there’s so much activity to be a part of with the resort’s sport academy; so family with football or rugby-loving kids can make reservations in the peak season.

Nightlife is soothingly lively and very enjoyable here, and mostly centred around the Piazza Maria Luigia, strategically located at the heart of the complex. There’s also a line-up of entertainers and cabaret acts every night.

The Forte Village offers a parade of shopping delights to laze in the afternoon or pick up some interesting items in the many top-brand designer shops.

Beautiful and exotic birds resident in this nature wonderland, such as the multi-coloured parrots are a part of the fun, activities and entertainment as they fly across the resort at night time or cheekily try to get a few crumbs of your dinner.

Generally, visitors say The Forte Village is the best place they’ve ever been; as no stone is left unturned to make them feel comfortable, peaceful and completely at home. The secret of this wonderful village is the effortless combination of its perfect natural setting, world class facilities and generally excellent service.