A holiday trip to The Forte Village is not just about first class luxury, pleasures and fun. It’s also a great opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday living, be one with nature and engage your mind and body with our bespoke yoga holiday packages.

Here you can relax your mind and nurture your body in serene and inspiring yoga spaces like never before.

So, in addition to all of the healthy and lively activities that you get to enjoy outdoor at The Forte Village, the resort has also put together a selection of healthy yoga breaks to help you to discover the ancient way of attaining total wellness in peaceful atmospheres.

Our yoga holiday packages include a variety of traditional and modern practices of the art such as Ayurveda, Pranayama, Ashtanga, culture, detox, and sport for improved health and fitness.

Yoga & Spa

At The Forte Village, experience what it feels like to combine these spectacular activities in a tranquil and stimulating environment. Unwind in luxury and enhance your wellbeing with our yoga and holiday packages.

Stir your mind and relax your body in our yoga classes, and then indulge in our luxury spa treatments that include massages, facials and body wraps.

Yoga & Fitness

Immerse yourself in yoga and get fitter with a systematic and revitalizing yoga/fitness package.

Train your body and do some stretches to heal those tired muscles with a special yoga and fitness holiday class, and then complement it with a variety of other fun and challenging fitness activities in our world class sports and recreational facilities.

The Perfect Location To Be One With Your Mind And Body

Peaceful, calm and unhurried, The Forte Village is your spot for a yoga holiday as it should be. The environment is natural and paradisiacal, tucked away in the tranquil island of Sardinia in Italy.

The Forte Village is a sprawling wonder that is bordered by 55 acres of pine forest and subtropical gardens. It is the ideal location for a dream yoga holiday and to feel and enjoy the immense health and wellness benefits of the ancient art.

Its sparkly white beaches and crystal clear waters at the southern end of the exclusive resort brings you closer to nature and is just the right complement to be one with your mind and body.

It gets better. At The Forte Village, your yoga sessions are coached and hosted by exceptional, inspiring and highly experienced instructors who you’ll certainly find warm, engaging and passionate about teaching you the yogic tradition.

The general atmosphere and spirit at The Forte Village make it a choice location for yoga holiday goers, as well as those looking for a luxurious family holiday or a special romantic getaway. That is why the luxurious resort has been voted since the past 17 years as the best luxury holiday resort in the world.

Forte Village has also been fittingly named as the ‘World’s Leading Resort’ for the last five consecutive years; and listed by Forbes as one of the top 25 beaches on the planet.