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Forte Village Cycling

Forte Village’s extraordinary scenery and vast grounds offer the perfect place for avid cyclists to explore. Bikes are conveniently available for hire from reception, allowing you to wind your way through the groves of pine and luscious gardens. Follow the many scenic paths that take you to every corner of the resort and experience views like no other. Even young cyclists can safely explore the paths without ever needing to leave the resort.

Forte Village Basketball

Basketball enthusiasts will love their stay at Forte Village, where they can hone their skills day and night. Challenge your friends and how off your skills on Forte Village’s new regulation court found at the Leisureland centre. Children ages 6-16 can also learn the basics or improve their skills with Forte Village’s CSKA Basketball Academy. Coached by Ettore Messina, a top European trainer, as well as other CSKA coaches, the Basketball Academy is the perfect place for young basketball fans to learn the secrets of the sport.


Forte Village Triathlon

Forte Village is the perfect destination for triathlon lovers, who can run, bike and swim amongst the breathtaking views of Sardinian seas, beaches and luscious greenery. Here athletes can not only participate in triathlon events but can train with world-class coaches and personal trainers throughout the season. These coaches can provide training and support for triathlon athletes at all levels, making this an ideal – and beautiful – location to immerse yourself in this popular sport.

Numerous professional athletes have cited Forte Village as their place of choice to train for triathlons due to the ideal weather and gorgeous scenery. Serious athletes are further attracted by the partnership formed between Forte Village Sports Academy and Challenge Family, which has generated a supportive team of coaches that will help you reach your potential.

Beyond the stunning views of the Mediterranean, Forte Village also offers a 25 meter salt water lane pool which replicates the conditions of the open water. This provides an ideal place to train for the swimming portion of triathlons.

For running, Forte Village offers endless possibilities, from state of the art treadmills in our world-class gym to a professional-grade running track to beautiful stretches of dirt trails that will provide a gorgeous backdrop to any running regime.

Finally, you can recuperate from your training at the Thalasso Spa, which will ease every aspect of both mind and body and allow you to fully rejuvenate.

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