Forte Village Diving Centre

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For the diving enthusiast, the sea is a magical place, full of wonder, an exotic, hidden landscape full of surprises. No matter how many times you put on your gear and slip beneath the waves, you never know what hidden treasures await you. Every diver knows that even if you dive in the same place in the same sea a dozen different times, you’ll never see the same wondrous world twice. One day you may explore a cave to find an octopus or moray eel peering out from the shadows – the next you may surrounded by a school of brightly coloured fish, darting this way and that, iridescent in the light. Every dive is unique.

The Diving Centre Caters For All Skill Levels

Forte Village is not only a paradise above the waves, but is equally exquisite below. Treasured by all diving enthusiasts, experts and novices alike, Forte Village is situated on a uniquely beautiful coastline that features a vast array of sealife. Featuring exquisite seas and an endless array of gorgeous corals, sponges, rocks and sealife such as octopus, scorpionfish, giant groupers and moray eels, Forte Village is a perfect location for diving, offering a unique experience time and time again. And it’s not just tropical sealife that lies hidden in the beautiful blue depths – the adventurous diver may even find an odd wartime wrecks or two beneath the sea!

The Forte Village Diving Centre offers something for everyone, from beginner courses to advanced courses, and you can even gain your PADI license. At the Diving Centre, you can learn from the best instructors in the world, who have been teaching divers at all stages of learning for many years. Open from May to October, the Diving Centre has a capacity of eighteen divers in four immersions. Our boats can carry six divers each, and our dinghies can each carry twelve divers. The Diving Centre is extremely popular due to the unparalleled beauty of Forte Village’s Sardinian seas, so please book your place with your holiday reservation to ensure that you won’t be disappointed.

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