Forte Village Beach

By admin | June 19, 2015 | Posted in: Forte Village

Immerse yourself in the white sand and clear waters of the Sardinian coast. Forte Village chose its location based on the natural wonders that surround it, and our beach is the pinnacle of nature’s beauty. Stretching between Pula and Capo Spartivento, our gorgeous sands are sheltered by the Sardinian mountains, creating an exquisite microclimate safe from harsh winds and overwhelming heat. Instead, Forte Village beaches are warm and tropical, a perfect, secluded place for you to relax your cares away.


Forbes Magazine was so taken by the wonder of Forte Village beaches that they were named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each stretch of beach at Forte Village has its own unique natural features, allowing you to appreciate the varied wonders that nature provides. Explore the lagoon at La Baia di Chia, or the beautiful bay protected by two beautiful granite promontories at Cala Cipolla, or the exquisite Tuerredda beach that features the finest white sand and turquoise waters.

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