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Forte Village’s celebrity chef evenings feature only the brightest stars of haute cuisine! Watch these celebrity chefs show off their impressive skills beneath Sardinia’s gorgeous summer sky at the Forte Gourmet and Cantina del Forte restaurants. These exclusive events allow you to sample these Michelin-starred chefs’ breathtaking accomplishments in all kinds of international cuisine, including the flavours of Italy, France, Spain, Germany and even further afield, all prepared with modern embellishments to create delightful flavours that will never be forgotten.

Every menu prepared by Forte Village’s celebrity chefs features a combination of signature dishes all paired with the finest wines in the world. Sample our amazing “four-hand dinners”, a creative collaboration between the Forte Gourmet restaurant’s top chef, Rocco Iannone, and six other world-renowned chefs. To further stimulate your senses, don’t forget to try Rocco Iannone’s sparkling gourmet masterpieces, all inspired by France’s finest champagnes.

The Forte Village celebrity chef experience presents you with all the best of culinary creativity, passion, and flavour, and will not soon be forgotten!

Forte Village Gordon Ramsay

Come and enjoy succulent flavours designed by the world-famous master chef Gordon Ramsay at Forte Village’s exclusive Ristorante Gordan Ramsay. Ramsay boasts and impressive seven Michelin stars, so those who appreciate the finer tastes in life won’t want to miss out on this amazing restaurant experience that perfectly showcases Ramsay’s inspiring blend of traditional flavours with creative innovation. Forte Village is also host to Gordon Ramsay’s occasional and highly exclusive culinary events – you won’t want to miss these!

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