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Whether you’ve enjoyed a rigorous workout or simply want to unwind and refresh your body and mind, our wellness professionals at the Forte Village Thalasso del Forte Spa combine the innovation of Western medicine with the healing arts of East to maximally provide a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment just for you. A massage at Thalasso del Forte will calm your mind, purify your body, and release tension and stress – what better way to enjoy your holiday?

Forte Village spa offers a wide variety of massage techniques and treatments to suit your individual needs and desires, from Thalasso massage, four-hands massage, shiatsu, and much more.

Thalasso massage is our own specially developed massage technique wherein you find complete mental and physical relaxation immersed in Mediterranean seawater within our spa. While enjoying a rejuvenating massage from our expert massage specialists, the high-salinity seawater will bring your body’s energy flow back to its ideal state, allowing you to experience true bliss and well-being.

forte village massage

A Forte Village Massage Is An Experience Like No Other

Enjoy an experience like no other with one of our four-hands massages. Two massage therapists together rub and relax your entire body, releasing tension and allowing your mind to return to a state of peace. Warm, deliciously scented oils aid in rejuvenating spirit and body while enlivening the muscles and stimulating circulation.

Shiatsu at Forte Village is an amazing massage technique that has gained attention across the world for its power to ease all tension, whether mental, physical, or emotional. Based on ancient Japanese techniques, shiatsu restores balance to the energy flows of the body by expertly applying pressure to key points on the body. When your body’s energy flow has been brought back into balance, your mental and physical self to return to a natural state of health and well-being.

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