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Forte Village Swimming Academy is an amazing way to learn to swim or perfect your backstroke. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned swimmer and want to hone your techniques, Forte Village Swimming is the best place to learn from the world champions of swimming. Our courses take place in one of our specially dedicated pools: the heated Castello pool, the saltwater pool at Baia delle Palme or the freshwater Oasis pool.

Coached by European Championship gold medalist Giovanni “Long John” Franceschi, who broke two European records in the 200 and 400-meter medleys and is now a world-renowned Italian Swimming Confederation coach, you will learn more than ever about this fantastic sport.

Our world-class Forte Village swimming instructors provide personalised, one-to-one lessons or lessons with small groups of up to three students. Forte Village Swimming Academy offers three levels of coaching to suit your ability:


Courses Available At Forte Village

Beginner courses

The level one (beginner) swimming courses focus on developing your comfort in the water and instructing you on entry-level propulsion techniques to ensure that you develop your own natural balance in the water. You’ll be taught to coordinate your breathing while swimming so that you inhale right when you head breaks through the water and exhale once submerged. By the end of the course, you will be able to swim underwater for short distances, correctly dive from the pool’s edge and will learn to how to float vertically on top of the water.

Intermediate courses

Level two (intermediate) swimming courses will teach you to develop your freestroke and backstroke styles as well as teach you the breaststroke and butterfly stroke (also known as symmetrical strokes) via coordination exercises. These strokes are taught at a preliminary level, so you don’t have to worry about perfecting your technique at this level. You will also hone your underwater swimming skills and learn breathing control, which you will practice by fetching objects placed on the bottom of the pool in both the deep and shallow areas.

Advanced courses

Level three (advanced) swimming courses are tailored to focus on your desired areas of improvement and will begin perfecting your execution of the four strokes as well as your starts and turns. Taking place over the course of a week, this five-lesson advanced swimming course devotes the first day to freestyle techniques, the second to breaststroke, the third day to backstroke, the fourth to butterfly, and on the fifth day you will review all of the strokes as well as learn regulation-quality starts and turns.

If swimming is your passion – whether you’re a beginner or advanced swimmer – then Forte Village Swimming Academy is the place to be!

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