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Forte Village Netball Academy

Forte Village sports are proud to offer and exciting new sport: netball. SImilar to basketball, netball is perfect for both men and women. Netball is played on a court, but there is no backboard for its net, adding a level of skill and difficulty that basketball fans are sure to enjoy. The main moves in the game are simple to learn, making netball a great opportunity to pick up a new sport and stretch your limits with our world-class coaches!

Forte Village Rugby Academy

Experience the triumph of rugby and hone your talent with our legendary English rugby coaches. Play on the same squad with such world-class talents as England XV players Austin Healey, Jason Leonard (who won a spot in the International Rugby Hall of Fame), and Will Greenwood. These record-breaking players will teach you all the tricks of the trade so that you too can become a champion rugby athlete. Experience is not necessary – our Rugby Academy will be tailored to all experience levels, from novice to expert.

Designed for boys and girls age 5-16, our Rugby Academy launches with a welcome party where participants can get their photo taken with these massive English Rugby stars. At the close of training week, athletes celebrate with an awards ceremony and family barbeque where participants will be bestowed with their hard-earned Super Skills Star Certificate and medal.

Forte Village Rugby Super Skills Travel

In order to provide children with only the best possible sports training in the world during their Forte Village holiday, rugby starts Will Greenwood and Austin Healey founded Super Skill Travel, which ensures that children are able to both learn quickly and have fun while doing it, not to mention meet the top champions in their favourite sport!

Rugby Academy places fill up quickly, so confirm your spot when booking to avoid disappointment.

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Forte Village Cricket Academy

A British classic, cricket is known across the world for its dedication to fair play and respect for your fellow athletes. For boys and girls aged 5-16, Forte Village Cricket Academy gives them the opportunity to learn from the top professionals in the world, including Mark Garaway and Paul Nixon. Novices and seasoned veterans alike and learn from these legendary cricket players, honing their skills and picking up the best tips of the trade.

Suitable for all levels of experience, the Forte Village Cricket Academy is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to train directly with the great cricket pros. Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing cricket for years, there’s lots to learn with our professional cricketers.

Training week begins with a welcome party where you will get the chance to meet your favourite cricket stars and receive your exclusive Cricket Academy kit. After a week of intensive – and most importantly, fun! – training, you will have earned your place as a Super Skills Star and will receive both your Super Skills Star Certificate and a medal for completing the course at an awards ceremony held in your honour. You will also get the chance to have your photo added to the Stars Hall of Fame so that you will always be able to remember your amazing time spent at the academy!

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