Forte Village Teenagers

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We Have A Full Range Of Activities To Keep Teenagers Entertained

U-Club for teenagers at Forte Village

U-Club at Forte Village is exclusively for the coolest teenagers. Join U-Club only if you’re up for partying on the beach, go-kart racing, or for our teenagers-only Zumba party at the Oasis pool. At U-Club, you can learn to DJ or simply dance the night away. So if you want more from life than just sitting by the pool with your parents, check out U-Club today!

Meet exciting new people

At Forte Village U-Club, you have chances to meet exciting new people every day. U-Club features three daily meetups: at 11am in Bar Aquatica’s private club, at 6:30pm for drinks, and finally at 10:30pm at the disco at Forte Fortissimo for a teenager-only themed party where you can relax and party with your new friends all night long.

DJ Academy

Do you want to learn how to mix the best tunes and get everyone at the party dancing? Grab some headphones and head to Forte Village’s amazing DJ Academy based at Forte Fortissimo, the dance club at the heart of Forte Village. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some DJ-ing skills, our DJ academy will teach you everything you need to know to get started in four 90-minute sessions. Everything from how to mix, cueing up, the basics of rhythm and beats, how to beatmatch and the best blending techniques will all be covered. If you think you’d love to DJ, then Forte Village’s DJ academy is for you!

Make-up Academy

Do you want to learn how to apply make-up so well that heads turn when you walk into the room? Do you want to learn techniques that will change your life forever? Then enrol in Forte Village’s exclusive Make-up Academy, taught by the legendary Diego della Palma, make-up artist to top models and actresses. In three 1-hour sessions, he will teach you how to apply the perfect foundation, then how to apply unforgettable eye make-up, master the lips and eyebrows, and, finally, how to do a ten-minute make-up application that will have you looking perfect on busy mornings. Don’t miss this lifetime experience at Forte Village!

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